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Laisegirl's journey
Tongue Heh! It's OK, it happens... Well, I'm gonna see how I'm lookin' with C-cup breasts and if they're able to balance my figure right I'll stop there. But I am pretty tall for a girl--5'9"--and have over 40" of booty.Blush Yeah, so you can only imagine how funny I might look at the present with only AA boobs lol. Good thing I'm using inserts to give me something up top!Big Grin

Who knows tho, maybe a D will be beyond my body's ability?
ok, i started the l-tyrosine and kelp yesterday, hoping it will aid in weight loss....still taking prenatal vit, fo-ti, and as of yesterday, i restarted the MSM and cayenne(ran out, had to wait to get it d/t money issues). Still taking the nutritional drink I was recently turned onto, however, I am almost out of it and since it's kinda pricey, i will have to wait to get more. (but i am also trying to get money together to become a distributer of this drink, so the other herbs like 5-HTP, GABA and EPO will have to wait). I really wanted to restart a boobie routine this month since i have been off boobie herbs for a month now, giving my body time to chill. However, now that i have added the l-tyrosine and kelp to my vis, i am thinking of just waiting til Jan, to the new stuff time to work and me time to get serious for more than 3 days about my diet and exercise. I have been terrible about this, and i was so good with it til i lost my job. Guess the routine of a job threw me off....but it is no excuse, i should have stuck to my guns damnit!!! Ok i can't change yesterday, only tomorrow....

So as I am writing this i made the decision to wait unil jan to start a routine. And starting tonight( in about an hour) i will do a workout. I will have to start completely over with it since i have so dam lazy these past few months. But that's ok, i will get back up o where I was. I have 5 pds to lose b new yrs(8 would be better) cuz i have a littel black dress to wear and I damn well will NOT wear it wih these extra pds on me!!!!

Tonight i will also restart my massaging.....haven't done that in atleast 3 months...see how bad i have been???
Ok so i have been on the l-tyrosin, kelp, cayenne and MSM for a week now. No real changes but didn't expect any. I also decided to take a diuretic for the monthly water gain. If has helped and will con't with this. Will cut down the doses once my period is over tho. Didn't start he work last week like planned due to pure laziness. But it's weird, that after taking the diuretic and losing some weight, it inspired me. Was determined to do the workout starting yesterday, however i got sick on sunday. Damn! Still feeling kinda weak today so guess i need to wait til i am back on my feet. Frustrating! I only have a few weeks til new years eve and i want to wear something slinky, so have to get the work out going. this just means that i will have to work harder!!!! ANd after the 1st of the yr, i think i will go ahead withthe boob routine too. Haven't fully put the routine together yet but i have time.
what kind of fat burner did you use, brand? where did you notice the fat disappear most?


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