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Paloma's routine - please comment!
Hello lovelies!

I've been doing this for the last ...ohhhh...I'd say, month and a half. Wish I had recorded exact start date, but I'm rather chaotic in nature! That's why I intend to do all logging on this site from now on. I'm sending Eve my photos today - so be on the lookout for my "before's" in the photo section! Blush

I've made some mistakes (taking massive doses of pueraria lobata, rather than mirifica, for instance), so this routine is fairly new:

(all dosages 3x/day)

Fenugreek: 3/4 tablespoon of ground herb mixed with some ground fennel
SP: 900mg
Mexican Yam Extract: 710mg
Bovine Adrenal Gland Concentrate: 100mg (comes with the mexican yam)
Hops liquid extract: 2 dropperfulls
Maca: 2 dropperfulls
Red Clover: 1/2 tablespoon herb made into tea
DQ liquid extract: 2 dropperfulls

Once a day:
MSM: 2000mg
L-Tyrosine: 500mg
Gaba: 200mg
DHEA: 50mg
CoQ10: 200mg

Randomly, when I remember:
soy protein shake
Basic multivit & mineral supplement
EPO: 1300mg

Massage: 2x daily for about 5-10 minutes, followed by heat after evening massage
with boobie batter:
10 drops fenugreek
10 drops DQ
10 drops SP
10 drops DMSO
10 drops RC
1 cap EPO
2 drops geranium rose
2 drops ylang ylang

Basically, I have all the herbs, which I need to take between meals, and the vits, which I need to take at meals. Makes this process fairly labor intensive and complex. Anyone have any ideas for simplifying? I'd love to throw all this in a shake and be done with it, but I don't know if that's effective.

Also - I find it would be much more economical to make my own tinctures from whole, bulk herbs. Also easier to take (ugg, pills stick in my throat!!) Anyone have any ideas about how to make tinctures, or how to injest all this without making myself feel ill?

Thanks all! *MUAH*
I had been hoping someone might give me some feedback about my routine by now... but nuthin. oh well, i'd still love to hear from you ladies when you get a chance...

Here's a progress report:

My boobs are SWOLLEN! I'm almost worried I'm just going to create more stretchmarks. They feel like they're going to pop. Real heavy and firm, and it almost hurts to massage, so I've been massaging very very softly.

Think I'll try ramping back down on the herbs a bit until they feel a little more reasonable.

I'm adding dandelion to my massage to increase receptor site receptivity, per one of Wahaika's posts, since I think I have more receptors in my gut than in my chest. hope it works.

Gotta do something about this belly fat - I'm really growing a spare tire! But what to do??????
Hello Paloma,

I'm copying the rely to here also.

The dandelion is a good idea. Keep that up!

>>"So, what you're saying is that you CAN start this time of year if you find a way to up your serotonin levels? How about with anti-depressants?"

I'm not too in favor of the idea but it is very consistent that women who have, and have used GABA, have had success. I would not recommend using anti-depressants in that way. A better way to go is to add things for thyroid support (kelp, L-Tyrosine, B vitamins, selenium in a multivitamin).

When did you get your lower belly? Or have you always had it since childhood?

OK, I am looking at your program right now and I see several problems.
Maca raises testosterone.
Red Clover slows thyroid function.
Hops doesn't really work very well, but it needs more study. I think it is promising, but it is not something to start with.
Dong Quai might be OK, but again, it is not something to start with
Not nearly enough GABA. Also needs to be taken at bedtime. Take at least 1500mg.
Keep the MSM, but you might have to raise it.
Soy protein will slow the thyroid.
DHEA will raise androgens.
10 drops of DMSO is way too much. Use 1 or 2 drops if any at all, and not until after the heat. Use it at the very end.
The geranium and ylang ylang are OK, but your program (internal and external) is way to complex.

Try this:

Use Greenbush or some brand that is fresh and potent. Stale herbs do nothing.

Take a month or two off and start again in January or February. You need to give your system a chance to clean itself out.

Ramp up to these dosages as maximums.
Fenugreek 500mg three times per day, up to 2500mg per day max.
Wild Yam - Same.
Saw Palmetto - Same - ramp up until growing pains are felt. You should be at about the same level as fenugreek.


The thyroid suppliment above, or L-Tyrosine, Kelp, and multivitamin.
GABA at bedtime 1500mg.
MSM 2000mg three times per day.
Borage oil 1000mg at bedtime.
Keep the CoQ10

Massage: Keep doing what you are doing, but use only fenugreek extract (Greenbush) and the oils are OK. Use 2 drops of DMSO. But definitely add borage oil and olive oil. You may not need the DMSO. DMSO is really good stuff, but it is not something to start with.

Here is a good recipe for batter:

1. Homemade from powdered herbs:

Make two batches. One batch to keep on hand steeping while the other batch is used:
1/2 cup Olive Oil + 1/2 cup Fenugreek powder + 24 (1000mg) Borage Oil Caps steeped for one week minimum before first use. (The longer the better) Some vitamin E could be added to this if desired. I would say that 12 (1000mg) for the above amount would be adequate. Again, the vitamin E is optional and it should be observed which one works best for each individual.

Get 2 8oz containers, preferably dark glass bottles. Steep (soak/let sit in a dark cool place like a closet) one while using the other.

Shake well every few days and before each usage.
Apply heat from a heated pad set to low for 5 minutes.
Massage in about a teasthingy or two each side for about 5 or 10 minutes.
Cover with saran wrap.
Apply heat for 15 to 20 more minutes from the heated pad set to low.
Leave the concoction on all night if possible.

Do this every night. Do this each day if possible making a total of two massages per day.

Hope this helps,



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