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the Rockmelon ringtone for a bigger bust

I'd heard of this ringtone before, but didn't know if it was available or not. Today I did a little searching and found it here:


Apparently its all based on subliminal messages and the theory that your body will be told or reminded to grow your breasts. Most people who have commented on the theory think it's ridiculous, but then they'd say the same thing about massage and herbs, which we all know to be effective.

I figured that since it doesn't cost anything, I have nothing to lose, so I'll be doing this little experiment for the next ten days, listening to the ringtone twenty times a day minimum and twenty-five maximum (if it works I'd like to keep using it and increase from there Smile )

I also try to massage regularly because of the soreness my breasts get from some cysts and blockages, and I drink a glass of chocolate Silk daily. Both of these methods have been used long-term for me, so I'll be attributing any sudden growth to the ringtone.

Wish me luck!
Let us know if it works! I'm curious, too!
Good luck with that! Hypnosis has proven to be effective for boobie growing anyhow, but I never heard of a ringtone. Keep us updated.
it's a rather unpleasant sound isn't it? i am curious though!! Smile
lol i'm going to try this i'll put it on while i sleep.
Sounds like a long stretch but lets see if it works for you good luck
Oh, that reminds me! I saw something about that, can't remember where. Basically, women were getting a couple centimeters' growth, but that's not enough to say whether it works, because breast size can fluctuate even within a 24-hour period.
Rockmelon is just too subtle for the casual cellphone user. Sure, it works fine for mammarily challenged chatterboxes who hear their ringtones every few minutes.I find references to this al over the web, but nobody ever says where you can download it!
so funny to see this here!! my personal experience is that something goes on when i listen to that. here is my little tip too. go to youtube and search for "breast enhancement ringtone." there you can listen to it 10 times straight. i think that is way better than using it as ringtone! it IS unpleasant. but i am used to it now and the girls seem to like it! they get sore when i listen to it. there is also a link there to the explanation of why this works. good luck growing. i have if that helps! yay for science!
Wow that is a horrible creepy sound.. But if it could mean bigger breasts....


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