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Busty's K.I.S.S program


Getting very close to 41 inches!! I'm the tiniest bit off 41 on the measuring tape, I'm also still measuring that half an inch less on my underbust measurement when pulled snug so 32 1/2 inches underbust atm, my left areola is sitting on the very outer edge of the cup only just covered (in the bra that I have been posting in) I also have 2 Curvy Kate bras coming hopefully this week in a 12G as was told by fitters that Curvy Kate bras bands are on the smaller end so rather than buying my usual 10G cups I was suggested to go up in the band for them as they should act like a 10/32 band(fingers crossed), I've made a few little changes to my program nothing major but thought I'd post the updated program for anyone who's keeping track:

1x 200mg Bio Identical Progesterone capsule(the actual bio, compounded kind you have to get made up by the pharmacist not the pre packaged kind)
1x 5000IU Vitamin D3 capsule
1x 1000mg Vitamin C capsule
1x 500mg Magnesium capsule

2x 500mg multi collagen type (1,2,3,4,5 and 10)
2x 1500mg Fish oil (healthy fats)
1x 1500mg MSM(growth hormone)
1x 400mg Spearmint capsule
3x 300mg Hops(estrogen)
3x 600mg Fennel daily(estrogen and prolactin)
50 drops Red Clover tincture(estrogen and progesterone)

1x 200mg Bio Identical Progesterone capsule
1x 500mg Magnesium Capsule
1x 1200 Valerian root capsules(this is for anxiety/sleep not NBE specifically, though it increases GABA as a side thing, works wonders for my anxiety and appetite!)

2x 500mg multi collagen type (1,2,3,4,5 and 10)
2x 1500mg MSM(growth hormone)
2x 1500mg Fish oil(healthy fats)
3x 300mg Hops(estrogen)
2x 600mg fennel(estrogen and prolactin)
50 drops Blessed Thistle tincture at night(prolactin)
75 drops Red Clover tincture(estrogen and progesterone)

Massage with herbal infused oil at least once a day or night

Still keeping up with "trying" to get a decent protein intake each day ie greek yoghurt with fresh pomegranate, pan fried Gnocchi with Napolitana sauce and hemp seeds, chicken with brussel sprouts and broccoli(with hemp seeds), porridge(the high protein kind not regular oats) with sunflower seeds etc etc

As you can see I increased my fish oil as it's been incredibly great for getting rid of the acne the inflammatory borage oil gave me(see earlier post) plus it's healthy fats and it says on the bottle for mood balance to take this much(I use a high quality fish oil the more expensive kind but it's worth it as it's high in EPAs and DHAs and is odourless though the capsules are huge lol)

The only thing I would add is expect your areolas/nipples to get bigger (albeit mine were already quite big due to starting hrt so young as a kid) don't be afraid of this as it should even out with your breast growth, mine have been quite swollen as of late I take this is from the massage I do especially. I have arginine on the way in a lower dose which I will be testing and got a lower dose to ease into it as I know this increases GABA and HGH but from studies too high GABA can increases anxiety symptoms(ironic right?) which is definitely not welcomed so thought I'd stay on the safe side, if it helps it will be the last thing I add for sure as I want to keep my program very simple unlike the past where I went abit silly with taking too much lol K.I.S.S as in my title  Tongue

Measuring exactly 41 inches today yay! So that's 1 and a 1/2 inches growth so far, my bras are very tight right now which I know is due to my breasts not my underbust as my underbust is still measuring half an inch smaller than at the start with the measuring tape pulled snug. On another note a friend who has small breasts and is very very thin she was saying to me how her band keeps going up according to fitters they are now putting her in a 34 inch band, I couldnt believe that they were doing that because I told her there is physically no way she is a 34 inch band as she's much much thinner than me and it reminded me of what I was taught by alot of small framed fuller bust girls like myself who are influencers, alot of big brand regular bra brands have spread so much misinformation half of them are making their bras small yet labelling them as bigger cup sizes ie "vanity sizing" and the other half are pushing band sizes on women that are waaay too big for them just to make sales because it is what they are taught and sadly so many girls fall for it because just like I did we think "they are a reputable brand I can trust them" the reality is 80-90% of the support should be coming from the band as I've said NOT the straps like some brands teach so your band is supposed to be very tight/firm in order to give that support, I told my friend she is very likely a 30 band even quite possibly a 28 and she was blown away, I can't stress enough to any girls reading this please go to reputable fitters/reputable virtual fitters and don't just only diy with online calculators and the like(because some of the time these calculators get it wrong and can't do what/think like a reputable fitter even though it's the trend atm) when you find your right fit you will be blown away at the support, the lift and shape the bra gives you under tops! If you suffer with social anxiety like myself do a virtual fitting in the comfort of your own home (just make sure you have a few of your current bras). Anyways just my 2 cents  Heart I hope everyone is having a lovely happy week and happy growing! X PS. I got my Arginine in the mail, it's 500mg a low dose I wanted for the reasons I stated I am going to be taking 1 capsule twice daily for a few weeks to see if it helps in any way for both anxiety and NBE, if not I will can it so this is a test for now  Cool

So I was looking back at my first photo from the beginning of this program and then took one now today in the same bra and I was shocked at the difference! Sometimes putting your progress shots in the same bra side by side is a perfect way to tell! Top is beginning of this program and bottom is today! Excuse my areola poking out the cup on my left boob  Heart on a non NBE note but related to my supplements, since I switched up my program that lil bit(as posted previously) my skin has completely cleared up and is looking amazing so clearly the high omega 6 content in borage oil being acne promoting was the culprit before, I've noticed huge changes in my skin over time going from stress pimples here and there and bumps etc to my skin texture being super clear, smooth, bump free and glowy, I do use a basic but good skin care routine but I also think the multi collagen(types1,2,3,4,5 and 10) and the MSM have been working, currently for my skin care I wash my face daily with Neutrogena Brightening facial wash with niacinamide and once a week I will do a double cleanse with a deep treatment oil from Kose and also exfoliate once a week with a honey yoghurt peeling gel from Esfolio, I also use Natio's Evening Primrose moisturiser daily with 3 drops frankincense oil for anti aging and 3 drops tea tree oil for acne and skin texture, however this is stuff I've used for a good while and my skin has never looked like it does now so I definitely think it's the supplements to give credit to! Also I'm on I think day 3 or 4? of using arginine 500mg twice a day and obviously I havnt noticed anything major so far since it's early days so we will see. I'm looking at getting another super cute and sexy bra set from Scantilly in a 12/34G again as Scantilly is from the same brand as Curvy Kate so their bands run very small like I said a 12/34 band with them acts like a 10/32 band which is my actual band size. On another note if anyone else would like to connect on IG please feel free to PM me as me and Fertility Queen aka Tibetan princess already have eachother on there and I'd love to talk all things NBE with others and see real faces  Heart Happy Weekend everyone, keep smiling and keep growing!  Hug

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