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Help with Maca root


After breastfeeding my second child I became officially flat chested. I’ve always had A- breast but now I’m literally shocked of what has happened to me. 

I gain weight in pear shape type pattern, and I’m not skinny, but my upper part of the body is thin. I have good amount of fat in my thighs and belly areas. 

What disappoints me more is that my glandular tissue doesn’t respond well to hormonal changes. During breastfeeding and pregnancy it grew only a half size up.. I feel hopeless…

I have only msm and maca root powder because I planned to start my nbe with massage and msm, maca supplementation. I’m confused now because maca increases testosterone which, as I understand, I don’t need. I also have fenugreek seeds but not sure if I will need them so I don’t even include them in my list.

1. Will maca root be still helpful in my situation? Is there any tips how to take it for someone with my body type?

2. Is it better to take maca, during luteal or follicular phase to achieve results in my case?

I can’t afford anything else recently for nbe program.

Maca doesn't affect testosterone levels directly, so I don't think it's likely to cause any great increase in your testosterone.

I think the effects of Maca are unclear. Some women have used it successfully for NBE, but I'm not sure that I'd take it if I was only taking one herb. I think Fenugreek would be a better place to start.

I personally responded well to MACA in the past. From my understanding MACA helps with overall hormone balance, hence why it can be taken by both men and women. Its also supposed to help support progesterone in women by balancing estradiol. 

Your body type sounds similar to mine, more fat in the legs/butt/tummy and hardly any in the chest. From my research that could be an indicator of Estrogen dominance, which I assume I have and probably why I responded well to MACA. But that might not necessarily be the case for you.
Try MACA and see how it works for you, I took my all throughout my cycle and didn't notice any negative side effects.
But maybe try taking it during the whole month and stop taking it during your period? 

Also if you're worried about E dominance, you could try taking something like milk thistle, dandelion, licorice, red raspberry in a tea. And eating more cruciferous veggies, supplementing magnesium (most people are very deficient anyways) or taking vitex/chasteberry which also helps support progesterone.  
And if your fenugreek is actual seeds you can sprout them like surferjoe suggests in a lot of his posts, and eat them as well, that combined with MACA might be a better combo for growth rather than just MACA alone. 
Also would suggest massage or pumping, but massage at the very least. I've noticed a significant difference between massaging and not. 

If all else fails, get a hormone test to see where you're actually at and go from there which herbs would be the best options. NBE is all really about what balance of hormones YOUR body needs for growth.

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