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First NBE Journey


I apologize to anyone who actually reads this, I realize it's a lot to read in big chunks but this is the best way I can record/track this for myself lol

Jan 3
So I think I'm FINALLY done being sick, I've started to take SOME of my daily vitamins.
Vit C, K, D3, Zinc, B12 just to start off with some basic ones first now that I can stomach things again.
I will continue taking Saw palmetto, MSM, vitex and the rest all together today and just continue taking it as I was before.
Since this month I'm not going back to soy flour method again, I just plan on drinking my regular protien shakes and trying to get back to eating well again.
I bought borage oil, DIM, iofine and evening primrose oil to add to my massage oil mixtures.
I'm not currently at home but I think I will be adding sharavati to my routine soon to see if it helps more than the SF method. I also have hops, unsure if I will be adding it yet or if I will be waiting to see any progress with what I currently plan on using.
I need to get back to adding exercise to my life in general so I need to start small with 10 mins or whatever movement I feel like everyday. Exercise is a big part of NBE and I know it helps me personally in many other areas but I'm mentioning it in here to make sure I be accountable as well as to keep track of all progress to see what helps NBE the most.
I've noticed since taking high dose of MSM I'm starting to feel my hair becoming longer. Can't speak on how it feels or looks healthwise, it might be too soon still but for length it's starting to feel slightly longer than before when I put it up or while laying down, so that makes me happy.
I've run out of my MSM + calcium + silica capsules, but I really liked taking them so I may invest in more...even though they're a bit pricey. Trying to find somewhere else that sells them for less.
I've basically not done any NBE  stuff for almost 2 weeks because of xmas, not being home and now being sick. I can definitely feel a difference. With (almost) daily massage and taking specific herbs for a few skin would be plumper and softer. And chest would feel more "full" ...was also slightly starting to notice the dense tissue in my breast reducing (?) Whatever it was it felt different than what I feel right now which is back to what I was before nbe...maybe even worse? In the sense of getting random breast pains and A LOT more soreness right before my period. The massage very much seems to help with all of that and just stimulating blood flow to the area in general helping it feel better overall.
I hope I can keep up with daily massage just because it feels good and seems to be improving my chest health overall. I pray that when I add pumping into the routine that I start to see significant growth and change ?
I may measure just to see if I've lost any progress or if the .5 gain I saw was permanent without continuous massage ect.

Jan 10
Ok so I lied....apparently my body WASNT done being sick and put me back in bed for another week and a half.
I just rested and chilled and now I'm back to work and also back home and doing massage.
When I got home I checked the unit James sent me and it plugged in fine and turned on. Looked like I could go through the settings alight and I turned it on just to make sure it would work and it seems to be working. The only thing I noticed was a bit of glitching on the screen....which may have been slightly damaged by the oil getting into the exposed sides on the screen in shipping? But I can still read it and it functions like you explained in the directions you sent me so I'm excited to try it (I'll attach photos)
I'm back to taking all my supplements everyday and currently using 3 pumps of progesterone cream once a day for the 14 days prior to my cycle.
Waiting for borage oil, EP (evening primrose), DIM and Iodine to come in which I'm excited to use to help my system. All my research I'm doing is still pointing to me having estrogen dominance and possibly needing to also reduce androgens.

I finally have a name for the tiny red dots I've seen pop up on my body throughout my life, Cherry Angiomas. Apparently they can relate to estrogen dominance.
So I can't wait to start the DIM to help with that and also iodine and borage oil to 'hopefully' get rid of the fibrocystic breast tissue for good.

Jan 12

Decided to look into nipple correctors that James suggested. Didn't wanna spend a bunch if they dont work, so I found a 20$ pack of 4 on amazon that came with a pair that had syringes and a pair that just used suction. They came in today and have been using them on and off and have been liking them so far.

I don’t really feel them at all. Very comfortable to wear , though take a little playing around to get them to sit right. Obviously too soon to know if they are making a diffrence but I'm willingly to try anything to not have them look like this….especially when I start pumping which I'm worried with make them get bigger in the ways I don’t want.
My order of new sups should be here soon. I will start taking the DIM right away I think? Also probably the borage oil and iodine. Along with massage I believe this will help reduce or possibly completely eliminate fibro tissue and the dense and sore feeling I have (basically 24/7, but def gets worse the week before and first few days of my cycle)
Some of my research is making me think I need to pay attention to my cortisol and adrenals…not entirely sure what this means atm…but reducing my stress basically.
From what I've read, stress at a young age can considerably reduce breasts ability to develop and can create tuberous breats or other issues. I don’t think mine are tuberous but they could be, I know some of my family members deal with it, which is why I I'm going to be very intentional when I start pumping. I also know for a fact I dealt with stress pre--puberty, during puberty, eD halfway through puberty and into my early 20's and still lots of stress and mental health issue in my early to mid 20's. So suffice to say, I definitely think the stress fucked with my cortisol levels and therefore my pituitary glands ability to produce hormones correctly. hence why i also intuitively feel I need to take something to help with androgens as well. 

This whole NBE journey is really helping me to be more i tune with my body and I'm loving it ♥

I think I'm going to order some nettle root, licorice root, rosemary and possibly goats rue(maybe in capsule form, still haven't decided what the best choice for potency/effectiveness is) in bulk to make a tea blend. Nettle helps with hair growth as well, something I'm trying to work on also. And goats rue may  be the thing I use to help grow healthy breast tissue that will "replace" the dense fibrocystic tissue I'm going to be working on with borage oil and iodine ect. That's my thought anyways, I gues I'll see if my experiment will work lol  Tongue

Other than this, I'm noticing I need to get back to consuming higher amounts of proteins. It's no joke when people say to make sure you get enough. I felt as if when I was doing SF/Flax method that I was seeing visible growth, but it was also making me very bloated and putting more fat on my stomach than I wanted, but because the SF (soy flour) was high in fat and calories and protien, it was helping a lot.
So I'm trying to find the right balance for myself.

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Jan 12-16

New supplements arrived, (DIM, Iodine, Borage Oil caps, topical evening primrose oil (EPO),  I started taking them pre-emptively but something told me to look into it more and try cycling them instead of just jumping right into them. I also noticed I was getting headaches soon after and (TMI) my pee was during bright orange soooo…..decided to listen to my body and chill tf out on taking everything at once lol.
I've decided to work on a cycling program, In the meantime, I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing now but only add in borage oil pills and EPO. I want to introduce things slowly and those two feel the safest to start with as well as monitor if they help with breast tissue changes, specifically in getting rid of fibrocystic tissue, which is what I'm hoping for, and see that tissue change into healthy breast tissue. 

I also bought a manual breast pump from amazon since I was itching to start pumping but unable to use the automatic one I'm testing for James yet. It was just the 30$ set on amazon with the one size contoured cups.

So far I can say it's a bit finicky, I don’t think my breasts are a great shape for it? OR the cups are too small? Doesn't feel like it cause they hardly fill the cup but are also too wide for the opening?? If that makes sense….placing them can kind of be annoying, and if not place right they lose suction so I know of focus on one at a time alternating back and forth then massaging and them back to pumping. Honestly just playing around and getting used to pumping and how I best want to do it. Automatic is going to be a game changer in comparison to manual though I know for sure.

I'm also using the cups on other parts of my body. Specifically side of hips and butt. Just for fun to see if it does anything.


Since being sick and basically have like 3 week off of NBE, I finally am back to taking sups consistently everyday.

So far my stack (per day) is:

Saw palmetto (2x) = 1080mg
Vitex (2x) = 800mg
MSM (3x) = 3000mg
Vit K2 + D3 (1x) = 120mcg + 25 mcg
Slippery Elm (1x) = 400mg
B12 (1x morning) = 1200mcg
GABA (1x night) = 500mg
Womens Probiotic (1x)
Zinc(1x with food) = 50mg
Borage Oil (2x) = 2000mg
High dose cranberry (when needed for UTI) = 20,000 mg
High dose Lysine (when needed for cold sores) - 1000-3000mg

1 small scoop of L-Glutamine, Moringa, Ground Flax and (SMALL SCOOP, like half or less than during SF method) of soy flour + protien powder in shakes 1-2 times per day. 
( I know I said I wasn't doing SF method anymore, but I realized that I can just heavily reduce the amount I'm taking compared to cutting it out completely. I just have to be mindful of how much I have and make sure I incorporate exercise)

Bio-Identical progesterone Cream: 3 pumps at night after my massage

New custom mixture of massage oils:
Fenugreek EO + Cinnamon EO + Vit E + Sweet almond + Evening primrose oils
Fennel EO + Lavender EO + Vit E + Sweet Almond + Evening primrose oils

Using these after heating pad from 15-30+ mins.
Massage 5-15 mins, use pump, alternating sides for the next 15-30+ mins

Massage again for a short while, add nipple correctors for however long feels comfortable or I will just sleep with them on and they fall off at some point in the night.
I also sometimes tape my nips at night to attempt to correct the angle they are on (they got fucked up and now have a slight inward angle to them from old piercing's and wearing the wrong bras and sleeping on my side when they were healing) unsure if this will actually work but doesn't hurt to try since I'm literally trying everything else apparently lol


Since being home and adding a pump and more frequent and longer massage into my routine, there is a NOTICABLE diffrence in firmness and shape again. When I was off NBE for the 3 weeks, it's like they kind of went back to their flatter less firm looking selves. I can definitely say, massage is a huge contributor to making your breasts more round and perky looking and helping how they appear in a bra/ in general. I wish it wasn't so tedious to sit and massage multiple times a day because some people don't have that type of time or even privacy but daily massage goes a long way. Unsure if having the fenugreek, fennel, lavender, cinnamon oil is helping, and I JUST added the evening primrose oil topically so I have no comment on that as of yet either. regardless, all of these oils make my skin super soft and i know will help with stretch marks ect. 

Wanted to see what my growth was at since they visually look different than 3-4 weeks ago so decided to take measurements and this is what they are so far.

Jan 12/15

Bust: 33in

Upper: 32.5 in

Under: 30

 I measured the day after pumping/massage and then again a couple days later, when it had been 24 hours right BEFORE I was pumping/massaging and it was a consistent 33 inches.
So whatever .5 increase I had must've either been a poor measurement on my part, or related to swelling. OR getting sick and stopping NBE for 3 weeks super messed up my progress. SO many factors and I'm unsure which one it is. 

I look back in my notes and see on Dec 5 I took a measurement of 33.5, and this was while I was doing the SF/Flax method + taking MACA and FG, and one measurement previous to that on Nov 20 of 32.8. So it seems in the week of starting SF method I actually went up in size by .2 if you minus the swelling?  I'm kinda sad that the upper chest hasn't moved at all...its super disheartening how flat it still looks. I focus a lot of my massage in the center and upper chest + keep my heating pad in that area the longest. Unsure what I'm doing wrong, if there's maybe a better massage technique I can try to see better results. 

Unsure if this is directly related to the SF method or the MACA and FG creating swelling or the combo of all of these thing making me gain some extra weight and causing general weight gain + swelling but regardless, I went to slowly keep experimenting and seeing what works. SO insane how my body refuses to put fat in my chest area...kind of a piss off tbh lol XD

If it is the case that the SF method worked specially for the fact that the phytoestrogens in the SF ect were doing something, then adding it in small amounts may help.
IF its all the MACA and FG doing it then I will have to find a way to incorporate those herbs without its creating unwanted side effects again (fat gain in places I don’t want)
Regardless, I plan to keep testing things. I'm realizing now, in this month cycle, I really haven't taken anything very estrogenic, I'm kind of avoiding anything too strong cause I'm just being cautious of E dominance and don't want to make things worse. But this is a helpful test to focus on Progesterone, anti-androgens ect and seeing what that alone can do. So far, adding PC and upping the dosage while in luteal hasn't done much for me, which is unfortunate, I figure it might help growth a little. 
Unless I'm super low in P and this is finally helping it be just...normal, but not enough for NBE OR the PC I have is bunk and doesn't work the best. (Still plan on using it and finishing it and then maybe investing in a better brand) 


  • I plan on adding hops and shatavari into next months cycle to bring in E supporting hormones.
    Hopefully that creates some progress along with the current stuff I'm already taking/doing. 

  • Currently waiting on milk thistle, nettle and licorice tea to come in to add some stuff to my program that's NOT in capsule form lol. 
  • Bought 20% volufiline balm stick that was recommended in the discord to see if adding it to my chest, hips/butt and lips can make any visible changes.
  • As always, drinking more than enough water, using all my different oil to massage and using the heating pad prior to massage. Only once per day so far, as my sleep is very opposite most peoples and I don’t get around to doing it until after 10pm most days (because of my job) and I still have to juggle eating and other stuff into my day. But I try to make it count by at least 15-30+ mins of massage and manual pumping

Haven't heard from you in a while, I'd like to know if the package arrived undamaged.

You can connect hoses of different sizes with an adapter like this from Canadian Tire.
Just cut off the end as required to fit the desired hose. Close off the unused end with a short length of hose folded over and pinched off.

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(23-01-2024, 01:24 AM)James98 Wrote:  Haven't heard from you in a while, I'd like to know if the package arrived undamaged.

Yes! it arrived and I tested it out a bit to be familiar with how it works and figure out what settings I want to start with.
Everything showed up great and the pump works perfectly with the dome. I just have to learn/figure out the best way to hold it on my body without losing suction. May have to buy an XL sports bra or something along those lines to hold it in place better than my hands can.  

I was away from home for a bit so I'm going to start using it today and may make a separate thread specifically to track progress with it.

Jan 26
Nothing exciting happening besides my period started 2 days ago so I'm starting my new program (will post below)
Will stick with this for the next month or so and monitor any progress or changes.
So far since the accidental break I had at the end of Dec into Jan , really haven't had much changes. ): Kind up discouraging because I was hoping to at least see .5 increase.
I may have to re-introduce MACA back into my routine to see if that's what gave me the huge increase in the first few months or if it was something else, as MACA was one of the things I took to help gain weight overall but maybe it's helps me with NBE more than I realized?
For now i basically use the manual pump every night after 20-30 mins heating pad + 15 min massage and have just been lightly testing the electric pump I have from James to figure out what settings I want when I actually start, so far so good...I just have to figure out the rights fit that actually keeps suction without sliding out of place lol
  • Not starting DIM yet. From doing more research I found there's some other supplements that are benefit to take while using DIM ( sulforaphane and calcium D-glucarate) which help with the detox symptoms. I found it made my migraines flare up and (TMI) my urine SUPER orange. (Apparently a side effect?) And it helps to take those other things to clear the bad stuff out of your system instead of it just getting recycled and causing negative side effects. Going to keep doing research to find what is the best kind to take and then order them, but for now I'm adding in only the 1000mg iodine to see if it helps with the fibroid tissue along with the borage oil and evening primrose (EPO)
  • Finally starting to adding workouts into my routine again, something that is always such a struggle but if I actually consistently do it everyday it becomes so easy. Just doing 15 or so mins of leg/ab/core movements. 


New Routine/Cycle stack

(Made Jan 14, Start Jan 24 {period} ) 
D1= first day of period D14= ovulation
D1 start- start of follicular/period: E supporting herbs
Shatavari (2x per day)
Hops (2x)
Iodine (1x, take separate to DIM)
MSM (3x)
Borage Oil (2x)
PC (1x)

D7 start: (end of period)
Shatavari (4x)
Iodine (1x)
Borage Oil(2x)
PC (1x)
D12 start:
Borage Oil(2x)
PC (1x)

D14: - Start of luteal: P supporting herbs
Saw Palmetto (2x)
Borage Oil(1x)
MSM (3x)
Iodine (1x)
Progesterone Cream (3x pumps)
vitex (2x)
Saw Palmetto(2x)
Borage Oil(2x)
MSM (3x)
PC (3x)
(hops or SV to help with slight E increase? 1 per day maybe?)

All month Taking K2 + D3(1x), Zinc(1x), Slippery Elm(1x), B12(1x morning) Womens Probiotic(1x), L-glutamine powder(1 scoop), moringa powder(1 scoop), GABA (2x before bed), MSM (3x), Iodine (1x)

Cranberry 20,000mg(1x) when needed for UTI, L-Lysine(1000-3000) when needed for cold sores
1-2 protien powder shakes a day, Add in moringa , glutamine, ground flax. But try to get protien from meals. 
Drink HELLA water

Massage Oils:
James Fenugreek + Aloe oil (while using electric pump)
Fenugreek + cinnamon + evening primrose oil + Vit E + Sweet Almond
Fennel + Lavender + EPO + Vit E + SA

Alternating oils. Using FG + Aloe before pump, other after pump

Currently massaging once at night when I have free time


Currently Once a day with manual pump for 15-30+ mins
Will progress to 4 hours a day with electric pump 4x a week

Nip Correctors:

Wearing as often as I can remember, especially after massage and pumping
Also taping my nips when I sleep sometimes to try and correct their shape/direction as they got messed up when I used to have piercing's. (Note: This may or may not work, experimenting)

Literally feeling like a human experiment right now lol. All part of the process of figuring out what works the best I guess

Feb 2
I've been taking the iodine, shatavari, and hops for a week now. I added the hops early, halfway through my menstrual cycle.
I've been at my BF's so I haven't been able to pump or massage as much, I kind of sneak off and go a bit while he's preoccupied/sleeping but it's not to the same degree as if I was at home.
My diet has been pretty shitty and I'm trying to get myself to do small workouts here and there
  • Since taking the iodine (1000mg per day) now for a bit I'm not sure if it's placebo or if it's actually reducing the dense breast tissue? It also could be the borage oil? (2000mg a day) When I massage I feel slightly less in my right breast but like I mentioned, I'm not massaging or anything intense like usual, so the plumpness I would usually see/feel from that isn't present. Of course I'm going to continue taking the iodine/borage oil  and just seeing if its actually doing something, but it's hard to compare ATM when my chest looks and feels semi "deflated"
  • I'm not seeing much improvement with size or growth in general with just shatavari and hops. I'm taking 4x of each everyday so far and will do so until day 12/13 of my cycle when I will cycle back to vitex and saw palmetto. If after this month or so I don't see much improvement, especially with massage + pumping...i may start looking into PM.
  • I'm still on the fence/searching for goats rue that might work, if I can't find that, then maybe trying to see if Damania will help, as I've also wanted to take that for other health stuff as well. 

Feb 7

I was away from home for a week or so, I kept taking my herbs/sups everyday, using 1-2 pump of PC once a day. I managed to sneak a couple times and have some time alone to massage and pump for 20 mins. Not as often as I was when I'm at home obviously, but it's something.

I will probably be home for a bit but trying to work out a pumping schedule with my life plans + work has been a bit tedious. So i will be starting with the electric pump today and trying to get in 4hrs, I will probably be splitting it up into 2hr segments. 

I've already found that I will definitely need to but a XL sport bra or maternity bra or something stretchy but supportive to help hold the dome in place as It is pretty heavy.

I am going to make a separate log for this pump to make it easier to track/organize and have all the info for the specifics for the pump in one place. Will of course do brief updates here, but all the main info for continuity sake in a separate thread.

  • According to my calendar today is day 14 of my cycle so I will be cycling back to my luteal phase herbs + 3x PC.
  • Throughout the last week while taking D 1-14 herbs (hops, shatavari) that I had random pains in my boobs. Sharp kind of stabbing pain, sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Which isn't unusual but it seemed to be within the hour of taking those that I noticed it which im not sure if its placebo or its working and doing something in my body? My size has not increased or decreased, I'm still measuring at 33 In my main bust measurements.
  • I havent found anything decent for goats rue, so I may put that on the backburner and go back to taking maca for a bit to test and see if it helped. Back in Oct-Nov I was taking it and I saw a large amount of growth + some overall weight gain. This was a 10:1 maca (1000mg = to 10,000mg) + fenugreek (50mg = to 500mg) supplement. I've bought more of that, but I also bought maca separately, 4:1 (500mg = to 2000mg)
  1. To test it separate from FG to find out if it was the maca or the FG that caused the growth
  2. To take it in a smaller dose as to not gain so much excess fat all at once, causing cellulite and fat on my stomach I don’t want.
  • On top of that I've been working out a couple times a week, it will be easier to accomplish this when I'm home. I also bought a cheap corset and waist trainer to begin working on reducing my waist, something I've been wanting to do for awhile but couldn't afford it and was worried about starting it but I just said yolo might as well start now since doing all this other stuff too. Will track progress of my body measurements more in here as well to see if it actually helps.


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