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Hi! I'm am just starting this journey. I'm a 27 year old Cis-woman. I have tuberous breasts, quite underdeveloped. I have some hormone tests from December of 2022, and some from January 2023. Would these be okay to use as a basis for implementing a plan or should I get updated results(Most likely just through Everlywell, as my doctors kind of just don't care)? 

My issue with these results are that I had skipped a period after these. My period was November 27-December 4th, and my next period was February 5-12, due to a doctor prescribing me medroxyprogesterone acetate 10 mg for a week for about 3 months(I didn't start taking this until February, so it didn't affect my results any), which got my period back and relatively regular. So I'm having trouble figuring out what phase I would have been in when I had my blood drawn. 

Also, just a little about my health. I'm not on any hormones currently, or at the time of the tests. No birth control(Took some in 2014 but that was the last time). Currently, I'm dealing with Hashimotos Hypothyroidsm and insulin resistance(I was taking Armour Thyroid, but I haven't for a couple months now. Not for sure if I'll get to go back on it anytime soon). I'm eating lower carb, and attempting to do fasting, like One meal a day, and alternate day fasting. Also dealing with candida issues in my gut, so I'm trying to implement some supplements to deal with that as well. I need to lose about 150 pounds(Gained this weight in a couple of years, and it's stuck with me since. In 2016 I was 180llbs, then 2018 I was 250llbs, and currently around 274, down from 286. Even with the weight gain, my breasts stayed the same, slightly larger, but nothing good haha). I think starting this NBE journey could be helpful, as my imbalanced hormones are affecting a lot besides just my breasts. 

Results from test on December 14 2022(Also, I think ones that end in IH just mean in house? Wasn't for sure whether to include that part or not!):
Testosterone- 56 ng/dL
FSHIH- 7.08 mIU/mL
LHIH- 13.2 mIU/mL
Progesterone- <0.05
Estradiol- 55.2 pg/ml 

Results from January 3, 2023 (Started seeing a gyno who ordered a lot of the same tests)
DHEA-S- 269 uh/dL
Estradiol- 47.1 pg/mL
FSHIH- 5.87 mIU/mL
LHIH- 12.6 mIU/mL
Prolactin- 8.7 ng/mL
Testosterone- 51 ng/dL
17 OH Progesterone LCMS- 22 ng/dL
Free Testosterone(direct)- 3.9 ph/mL

Sorry for all the info! Just hoping to get some feedback and direction. Honestly my self-image is terrible. I just want to feel good again. Hoping this can help my health and breast development/growth! 

I would get updated results, seeing as it's been almost 10 months. I mean there are some variations in your last 2 results, even though there were less than 3 weeks apart.

(27-10-2023, 12:01 AM)black eyed susan Wrote:  I would get updated results, seeing as it's been almost 10 months. I mean there are some variations in your last 2 results, even though there were less than 3 weeks apart.

You're absolutely right! I just needed someone to tell me to get updated results so I could warrant the purchase.

Just ordered the Women's Health Test from Everlywell. Hopefully it'll be here in a couple of weeks and I can time it right to take it about a week before my period! Smile

Yes it's the right thing to do. A hormone test is regarded as relevant for a year at the most and you're pretty close to that time.

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