What is the effect of estrogen/progesterone/testosterone?


Guys, I've been on a mission to increase my bust for YEARS. I'm spinning in absolute circles with information.

I hold most of my weight in my thighs and butt, which after a lot of research has suggested that I am estrogen dominant. 
Isn't estrogen responsible for boobs? I have AA cups.

I've read a post on here that suggested Progesterone + Estrogen - Testosterone = BOOBIES 
Progesterone + Estrogen + Testosterone = THIGHS + BUTT

With this information, I would conclude that I simply have too much testosterone. Thus, reducing it should help my boobies grow and thighs + butt decrease...right?

I'd love to hear your guys input!!! xxx

Maybe you could consider getting a hormone test done and verify that your testosterone is high.

Get your hormones tested. Be sure they measure your estrone sulfate (E1S), as this is the best estimator of tissue estrogen.

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