Temps and BO


I know in TTC (or trying NOT to lol) we are supposed to take BBT (basal body temp) vaginally for more accuracy, is this a more accurate reading for temps for BO as well?

I took my temp with my BBT thermometer upon waking this AM, it was 99.5° - out of curiosity I used my kids’ ear thermometer at the same time and it read 97.6°

Which is more accurate?  I’m CD18, 4DPO based off period tracker, I know temps spike post ovulation, but why did my ear thermometer read nearly 2 degrees lower?  Both thermometers are digital.

Do I need to raise my body temp for BO to work based off the ear temp?  I did it twice, it was 97.6 both times, found an oral thermometer as well, it was 98.0 exactly but I had to get up and walk around for that.

I know I’m historically testosterone dominant, had blood work done this AM so will know exact levels in the next couple of weeks. (I do blood work quarterly for optimizing health & longevity)

Thanks in advance!

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