Hi there, this is Maxi


So here I am.  Big Grin

I will introduce myself:

My name is Maxi.
I am a pharmacist, living in Berlin, Germany.

So now I registered here.
Okay, a bit of my story for now:

I graduated about 5 years ago as a pharmacist and work since then in a German pharmacy. 
I am not new into NBE I think. Ordered my Noogleberry in 2015. 
Started with nothing but muscle on my chest until I developed a small B-size due to Nooglin and HRT.

I snuck around here for a long time a Guest.
Going through my neglected drawers U still can find Pueraria extracts, Forskolin, Reishi, Spearmint, Licorice...rancid Shea Crying

But me still working as a guy in the pharmacy, things got easily embarrassing, at least I felt so somehow.
I actually was so far content wit my size. I experienced some real good thrusts of growth, severe itching and pain. Pain of growth and the most severe ache when I collided accidentally with a colleague( he hit it right into the nip sooo badly)...

But somehow I neglected all my NBE-approaches...I felt content about it like I said...

On the other hand: It was a hard time the last years and a now broken relationship.

The way it is: Now for me it is the time! I HAVE TIME! I return to myself atm.

So far I started my noogle-routine and HRT(with a cycle of progesterone and E2 now, cause taking ethinylE+Cyproterone all the time does not work fine for MtF permanent , cause U get stuck) all over again.

Hug What finally triggered me to come here and join U all is:

I attempt to develop the perfect "growth-cream".   

So far I have bought some in"greed"jentz for this purpose. I have planned this during some days at work.

Okay? Blush

 I also have some Questions then:

Where should I post the development of this "BOOSTING-Cream" ?
Can I find there a post who does the same approach? 
I want to post pics of the ingredients and the process.
I can tell y'all about it, the galenic principles I will apply. The effects of the ingredients, the whole plot behind it. 

First of all I want to present a concept here to discuss.

Maybe some new approaches. I have the goal to make it work for every1 . A lot of "Anti-Aging" "proliferative Effects" "on a profound cellular level".

 I want to produce Big Grin

 U can give me all of the help and advice U have here, i will appreciate it.  Heart

So where should I post my Cream with HOLOGRAPHIC-effect?

Well, since there is no reply or any interest in a "Universal bulk-up creaHmm"  until now, I will post my project in the "Personal Programs" section. Kiss

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