Supplements when you have very dense breasts?


Hi there I am new to this journey. I’m 38, two kids, used to have supple full breast in 20s and now they’re sad, small and very bottom heavy, deflated on top. I also have had mammogram and ultrasound and my breast are “very dense” which means very little fat tissue, but a lot of connective tissue.

I also have chronically low progesterone, am on bio identical progesterone but not helping too much so far. A little but not much.

Are there recommendations for smaller, droopy very dense breasts? 

I’m 5’1 and 116 lbs so I prefer to not just use weight gain to get the extra fat tissue.

I was hoping maybe increasing my progesterone and luteal phase (cycles are quite short), would also help my breasts. I do still ovulate and get spike in estrogen around Days 10-13.

Thank you for any recommendations you might have. Thank you!

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