i dont think Noogle Berry work


I 've read all the people who use Noogle Berry. I think i've read all the cases that use Noogle berry, I see only the people that use Noogle Berry with supplements like herbs, maca, Bo....have successful results. I try to read about Noogle berry on this forum and Noogle berry's forum.  I don't know about other suction device because i don't know where to read many information about them. So the main things that make them grow are these herbs ( increase estrogen), not suction device.

There are many success stories with Noogleberry. However it must be accompanied with massaging with oil such as almond oil. Adding fenugreek or other things like PM can help. Always drink lots of water before and during pumping. When pumping aim for 2 to 4 hours a day, but take breaks from pumping, some only pump 4 days a week then take 3 days off, or break for a week every month or two. Massage with oil 2 times a day on days you do not pump.

I mean i havent seen any cases that only use Noogle berry alone and successful. All of the girls who have successful result with NG also took herbs, for example: Sweet orange,...i don't remember all the girls' names but i've been on forum for years, i havent seen any case that it works alone without herbs.

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