When to cycle BO? Only BO program?


Hello Blush

I've been reading some threads but I can't get this clear whether how to cycle BO. When I didn't cycle PM for 2 months I missed my period so I started only taking it during the follicular phase, I'm afraid if I take BO during both follicular and luteal it might disrupt it. I know it has both estrogen and progesterone but I need to be sure, do you take BO during follicular and luteal and then stop on your period?

Also, I was reading it is not recommended to take phytoestrogens while on BO, is it because of estro dominance? I've been taking 4xGR and 1xWY, licorice tea, along 1x BO during follicular. I'm getting some growth pains, but no adverse effects so far, although it's only been a week so I can't tell.

Should I not take phytoestrogens with BO then? And when it comes to ramping the dosage, is it recommended to increase it after a week or month? My hormones get messed up easily lol, so I really want to go slowly, just don't know if increasing the dosage up to 6 which would be the ideal intake in a span of weeks would be too much for my ovaries since I also have PCOS (don't want a massive acne breakout/weight gain either). So that would mean only BO as the hormone precursor in the program, along with vitamins and collagen? And no more progesterone cream too?

My body is reacting to BO, so I feel like it could be promising. I was stuck in growth with PM for 3 months and I was feeling a lot of soreness but my size fluctuated just around the same, with fullness in some cycles, then shrinking a little again. I'll be incorporating hgh and igf-1 too since that could be the reason why I'm stuck too. 

I think you should stop BO during your period.

About 2 days after stopping, or more days needed, you can have your period.

Although you are still worried, you can use progesterone cream.


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