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I went to reorder Ainterol breast cream but now I'm considering trying one of their two atomizers.

Has anyone got experience with both (cream and atomizer) and can compare their efficacy and economy, especially in the context of low intensity long term use?

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(20-12-2020, 10:37 PM)MissTeri42 Wrote:  December 20, 2020

So I have completed 2 months on the Ainterol 69 Days Bustomizer spray. My general feelings are that it will add some oomph even on top of whatever pm therapy you may currently be on. According to my measurements there was a .25" increase in bust circumference with a negligible increase in the chest measurement. So the increase most likely came from an increase in breast size. Anecdotally, they do feel a bit fuller, but i don't think they look larger. The purpose was to see if I had maxed out what i can expect from herbal NBE, or if there was still more growth headroom i could tap into by increasing the dose. I think there might be some room to grow but the cost/benefit may not be worth it. If you are starting out though and have the money, i think this is may be a viable alternative to capsules and creams.

Again, i was using two pumps of the 69 Days Bustomizer along with my maintenance regimen of PM cream and Progesterone cream and chi massage (300 rotations) 2x/day.

I hope whoever reads this experience will find it helpful in deciding if 69 Days is right for them.

Good luck and Enjoy your journey!

seems to suggest the atomizer is not really worth it compared to the cream, unless one wants quick results and than to splurge on a new bottle every two months to maintain.

Less relevant (since I'll order the powder anyway) but still interesting is the comparison between the powder and the tincture for internal use. Any experience with these?

Thanks, K.

Where do you purchase I noticed their online store and third party markets like eBay are not existent from what I see. I’m brand new to PM but have been looking at trying it for awhile and was kind of disappointed to find after researching that ainterol seemed to be most promising just to find I can’t find where to buy to try. Ive had gynecomastia for a couple years and kind of want to see if I can develop more

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