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NEED HELP PLEASE. Recipes with pure volufiline


Hi all. I found Volufilin, I want to order for a massage. I don't want to use any hormones. I am doing a fat distillation massage, like Chiomilk, I wanted to make a suitable remedy to improve the effect due to fat. What is the best way to use volufilin for massage, for the best effect? How and with what to mix it correctly? How to store the finished mixture? Rolleyes

Hello everyone, how to prepare a massage agent with liquid fat-soluble volufilin. I found an anemarene oil extract, volufillin 5 ml. Where and how much should be added? in what ratio? If oil, what kind? Or in a simple cream? I would be glad for any information

I bought volulifine and I thought to give it a try. 
I use 5% in oil. Me personal choice of oil is Safflower oil because I got inspired from the doc who created Adipeau cream which is based on safflower oil and black ginger extract and increases fat on face.
SO this means, I put 5ml volufiline and 95 ml safflower oil. 
I plan in the future to buy black ginger extract and add to my recipe that as well. 

I used it also on my face and lips and I guarantee as far as my lips go, it has increased the upper part of the lip, is elevated!  after using for like 2-3 weeks. 
Now as far my boobs and butt I only started using it twice 3-4 days, I was lazy before to use it. 
But I decided to commit to a daily ritual of taking care of myself and since I notice it worked on my lips I m doing this you know, with more positive mindset. 

According to some people, volufiline it works, is just in some people might work only 2% and some others up to 8% after 2 months! 
So technically it needs like 6 months up to a year of serious commitment to see more significant results.  

Now, there are some serums who claim 15% of volufiline, I have no idea if this works better or is a marketing gimmick. 
I will stay with the company's product recommendation, if you want to use more is up to you, but I personally don't suggest it because the company doesnt say it. 
I like following instructions to the letter for ones safety. If the makers say up to 5%, use only 5%.

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