Goats Rue's Effect on Appetite


I'm already struggling with appetite (if anybody has suggestions on increasing this I'd love to hear it) and I read somewhere that goats rue has been used to decrease appetite, even though I read that high levels of prolactin usually increase appetite so that part is pretty confusing.

I recently added goats rue to my program based on BustyP's suggestion and it does seem to be helping a lot but I'm worried if it might actually reduce appetite. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

Hi lovely! So goats rue is also good for diabetes the 
"Guanidine and galegine active compound present in goat's rue helps in reducing blood glucose levels."
Reduced blood glucose levels actually increases hunger so I wouldnt worry too much about goats rue impacting for your appetite too much atleast not for decreasing it. If you have other herbs added in along with it like fennel, PM, fenugreek, aguaje etc these all increase appetite and fennel also increases digestion ontop of being calming. Hope this helps  Smile

Yes it does, thank you so much! I'm already on fenugreek and PM but I'll have to look into fennel!

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