Dupes of Brava - stwics


Hi y'all,

Wanna share the below to you guys.
Another day, I was browsing the Chinese web and saw the below. It is completely dupe of the Brava system.


the whole system is hella exp.
they have 8, 4, 2 hr version, and I believe the only difference is the pressure
and they are selling at $2800 use for 2hr, $2200 for 4hr, $1200 for 8hr

long story short, I cant afford the whole package, so I ask to buy the cup only. 
A pair of cup is $700 usd..... it's super exp, but consider it looks absolute dup of the brava one, I got them.
they offer me a extra small version, but turn out it is kinda small.....ill ask if any exchange.
but the quality is on point. It is make of silicone, and it stick well to your chest, that gas less likely to leak.

For the press, the little device is why it is so expensive. as it give constant negative pressure (which is same as brava).
But they refuse to tell me what pressure they have. 
since I can't afford that, I got a NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) instead. ofc, it aint cheap either, and cost another $700 usd. but I would say it worth it, because it is a medical device, you can choose pressure from 50 - 225 mmHG. The only downside is missing a timer option. 

I am using 50-100 mmHG. over that will do more hard to your breast.

I open to any question, and will get some pic when I have time

I found that the max pressure I can take is 50mhg, more than that, I give me red mark

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