Day 1 of BO and ovary pain?


Hi everyone, 

I took 1 cap of Swanson 250mg dose of BO on day 1 and same dose on day 2, right before bed. Is it normal to feel right side ovary pain the following days? 
I am wondering if I should stay on 250mg for a week or increase to 500mg? what are your thoughts? Maybe the BO is working fast. Tomorrow will be day 3, so I'll keep a note on if I feel it again. I am not ovulating right now, but the pain felt similar to ovulation pain( it comes and goes during the day). It may be slightly more painful than ovulation pain though.

I'm a 34A and would like increase 1-2 cup sizes.

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Hi Cara this is totally normal for natal females and means it is working! If you search fertilityqueen BO in youtube you will find fertilityqueen or as known on here tibetanprincess who had great success with BO she says the ovary twinges/pain is normal but if too much usually means you need less which would be strange as thats an extremely low dose most take 1500mg or 2000mg so just stay on that dose till the pain subsides and then ramp up. Be sure to watch all her videos as they are extremely informative! GL!

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Hi BustyPrincess, it was day 19 and day 20 of my cycle and today I definitely can tell I was ovulating due to the stretchy egg white cervical fluid. It is so strange because normally that would happen around day 14-16 of my cycle. My cycle has been pretty regular but I don't always get solid signs of ovulation, which means BO could have stimulated that for me if I didn't ovulate this month, that's great! I took 500mg last night and had no ovary pain today, so it was probably just ovulation pains.

I will definitely check out her Youtube video. 


Hi BustyPrincess,

It is now day 33 of my cycle and no sign of period. My period is usually every 30 days. When should I be concerned and is this normal? I'm still only on 500mg. I don't know if I should stop until period comes, or increase to 750mg. I am prone to estrogen dominance so maybe vitex will help with cycles. So far no symptoms of ED or anything bad, but not growth pains either. It has only been about 14 days and my dosage is kind of low but I wanted to take it slow to see how my body reacts.

Hi caracurls, 

I go through cycles of being regular for several months, then late again (up to a month) when I'm stressing, eating poorly or over-working physically; it doesn't alarm me when I don't get mine when expected. Hard to tell if it's the BO that is causing the delay, especially considering it's a relatively low dose you're taking and not even for very long. As it doesn't seem to be causing you any other issues, I would wait a few more days if it were me, maybe even go back to 250mg a day for the time being until it's back and slowly up it again. It wouldn't hinder your progress by much to stop and wait until you start your period either, if you're really concerned. Stress is bad for NBE so it might actually be better for NBE to take a break instead of worrying.

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