What's the safest way to go about getting an extreme size? The biggest?

My partner is currently taking fenugreek and other vitaminsĀ for NBE and we've had a little bit of luck, but we're kind of hoping to reach an insane size so we're looking into implants.

We don't want to embarrass ourselves too much lol but she's hoping to reach end of the alphabet sizes, but we want to be safe and have it look uhh half way "real".

What's the process for doing such a crazy thing? We're still weighing our options, but this is one of those things where we have no idea where to start looking. Also what's the biggest we could reasonably hope to achieve?

Do not get an implant. Too many horror stories.
Safest surgical method is fat transfer. Fat must be from upper body and many small injections vs fewer large ones.

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