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Flashbacks to social comments about me being small


Now that I’m focused on NBE, I get constant mental flashbacks to people saying I’m small in a backhanded way. For example, “you don’t need to wear a bra” or “for someone whose so fat your boobs are so small.

I used Reddit’s bra fitting page and when someone asked me my size and I said (what it is) they laughed and said I’m A/B. 

I was also told I can work on my butt but I “need” surgery on my chest because of genetics. That’s from male bodybuilder friends who also demonize prolactin. It’s a backhanded way of saying I’m a huge pear. Women usually say look on the bright side, top models are small, instead of being crass and saying i need surgery. 

My friends also said 34DD is the new average size and that B cup (which is what I look like) is a small cup size on a fat body. Well gee I already know im shaped like that. So many people wear F or G and it fcuking hurts to see how far from average I’m becoming. 

I originally got into NBE because I wanted to be a C. Which I didn’t attain. But they move the goalposts of beauty constantly. 

The average bra size used to be 36B, so what happened? I just feel like I can’t keep up. I’ll never be beautiful. I can’t even be average Ffs and being over age 35 doesn’t make it easier. 

Does anyone else feel this way? I mean I don’t have PTSD I just was raised to look at other people for suggestions on what I should do. I’m doing everything I can and at my wits end. I feel the universe is conspiring to crush my body image. I just want to be slim thick instead of having a fat boyish body ffs.

Hi Grayson
Sounds like you have the Christmas season blues.
You just need some hours of listing to jingle bells and 'grandma got run over by a reindeer' to cheer you up. Shudder.

Next and most important, is that ONLY YOU get to appreciate you. Forget the past and what other people tell you thats not pleasing.
YOU are your best friend and you only have to please YOU.

Focus on all the good things that happen each day, and you will soon find each following day get easier to enjoy.

Now for your breasts.
If your going to seriously lose weight then its best to do it before NBE.

Stay away from MACA and BO. their common side effect is to send fat to the bottom. Although BO creme seems to do wonders without that ugly side effect. I believe Sweet O has a knock out mix.

Now for massage.
This is my opinion, and just seems to be true from my research.
Chi and deer massage activate all the many lymph system tracts that are in your breast and get them flowing to the node under your arm pit. so the bad stuff is pushed out.
NOW your breasts are ready to accept the good stuff thats in your blood system. Meaning that big mac is not what your breasts really needs.
There are some good nutritional threads here, so dig in.
A topical creme/oil that will be absorbed through your skin is very important, and now that your breast are warmed up your ready to load them up form good nutrition and good topical stuff.

And most, well they are all important, you need to visualize your new and wonderful breasts. do this every day but just once and make it an intense few minutes worth. then begin your work to build your vision.

Like tinkerbell says you gotta believe!

good luck and happy growing

Thanks for the pep talk. You’re right I should focus on fitness before getting into all these supplements. Maca sounds bad I had a problem with it, I’ll focus on FG and fennel. I need to stay positive.


We are here to help, feel free to ask for help anytime.
Many of us have been down the same path. Some have found a candle to help others find their way.

Since I've been doing NBE, I haven't become obese and have shown bikini selfies. Guys on the internet have described me as a C cup usually indicating that I've grown, which is kind of exciting. I'm wearing larger bras. I feel more confident about my body (Grayson is my older account)

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