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I feel stalling happens sometimes or even going backwards. When the bra is tight I let the straps down until they’re down all the way. Most of the support seems to come from the band, I believe. 

Stalling sucks but I saw on that original WomynWeb site that people keep growing after a year even.

Yeh my problem is the cups are too tight and the underwire is now cutting into me bad :/ fingers crossed thats the case for both of us   Big Grin I need to get back into massaging again that swelled them up

I was subjected to a natural experiment where a relative developed psychosis and locked me out for 4 days, so I became a digital nomad at my friends house and was deprived of all meds except for fenugreek, which is at my job. 

I also had to walk 20 minutes to the train, which took twice as long to get to work, so there was an aerobic element. 

Though I got very bad periods (I Use continuous Bc and couldn’t have that) I didn’t shrink that much. When I got back, I tried on some old 34c bras and they were still very small.

The sudden discontinuation of 40 mg Domperidone had no effects except that I stopped tingling on the last day, but not the first day. I think side effects are usually found in people who take huge doses. 

This really indicates that even under short time frames you can still see a real difference.

I’ve been back on all supplements for the past week. Sources say that Spiro has shipped to my job as well though I would have to go there and check. I’m staying around 39 inches which is good. Haven’t really been focused on dieting though.

Gone up to 39.5 but the bottom band is now up to 31. I just drank a lot of water this morning though. I think Domperidone is making a difference. I’ve been slacking off on the massage due to various factors in my life

After a kerfuffle, I've started BE again. I'm using 80 mg domperidone, 3000 FG and 1000 mg SP. The Dom seems to be the most effective. My weight is 138 lbs after binge eating for months on end. I live where I have no privacy so I'm only doing a small amount of massage. 

I'm wearing 34D with the straps fully up, and after 3 days of Dom I'm getting baby butt crack cleavage which is great. Don't get me wrong I use Reddit meme bra sizing so I don't look like that size, but still I've kept some progress from last time.

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