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Sustained pressure vs pump & release (Bosom beauty)


Pumping overnight is not an option for me, since I sleep on my sides. Now there are 2 options:

1.Sustained pressure pumping. I use Brava domes and the Noogleberry handpump for this. Pressure will constantly decrease though, even when laying as still as possible on my back, so I have to very regularly pump a bit more and it's very annoying. I want to be able to take my mind of the pumping and just relax instead of constantly asking myself whether to pump a bit extra already and if so, how much (it is very hard to sense what the right amount of pressure is. And the Noogleberry handpump does not show the pressure even though it should). I bought Airlock tubes from Noogleberry, but they did not work: everything would deflate instead of locking the air in. I ordered some air valves now meant for tubes used around aquariums, will see if that works.
2. Buying a Bosom beauty control unit which pumps and releases every second. They say it is more effective than sustained pressure. And I'm hoping that it will help give the same pressure everytime all the time (I have overpumped in the past, causing nerve damage that I now heal with the Earthpulse PEMF device and I have also underpumped, not realizing how much the pressure had decreased).

So my questions are:
-How did pump & release (for example Bosom beauty) work for you?
-Have you also tried sustained pressure, which worked better for you?
-Some people say setting 1 on the Bosom beauty device is already painful, what's your experience?
-Are there similar devices as the Bosom beauty electronic unit?
-Did you maintain a seal with Bosom beauty, because the constant releasing might also make you lose the seal? Fortunately with the Brava domes oiled up, laying still and with the tight vest over it, I keep a pretty good seal even when air is lost by disconnecting the handpump for example.
-Is there any research testing the effectiveness of either sustained pressure or pump & release?

I tried pump and release and besides being a big hassle, it did not really work for me.  I pump and hold it for at least an hour, sometimes more when I sleep with my domes on.    I have built my own system and it maintains pressure for up to 6 hours without re-pumping.   The systems out there are just too leaky.  I use automotive grade vacuum hose and valves to sut off the pump from the domes when I  have reached my desired pressure.

Why did you think pump & release was a big hassle? Did you pump & release manually? Did you lose your seal when releasing? Did you not get any growth?

Why an automotive grade vacuum hose? I would love to see your system by the way!

(14-10-2022, 13:14)Itty-bitty Wrote:  Why did you think pump & release was a big hassle? Did you pump & release manually? Did you lose your seal when releasing? Did you not get any growth?

Why an automotive grade vacuum hose? I would love to see your system by the way!

Yeah, did pump and release manually...  In my mind, it's all about exposure hours....   the more time spent under vacuum conditions, the faster the growth.

Here's a few photos of one of my systems.

The key is the valve which I got at a pet store (air valve from a fish tank air supply).   And you need to have no leaks.  I really don't need a pump either since i can draw sufficient vacuum with my mouth.   then just shut the valve.   Probably get a higher vacuum pressure than your Brava system which is very low pressure.   You can use anyone's domes and air line as long as there are no leaks.   From what I have read, all this pumping and re-pumping is due to leaky systems or air locks or the pump it self.  putting the valve in between the domes and the pump will go along way to reducing pumping.

I have also dabbled in what I like to call Breast Stretching... Using vacuum and a mechanical pulling...

(28-09-2022, 15:02)Itty-bitty Wrote:  -Are there similar devices as the Bosom beauty electronic unit?

There are quite a few alternating suction devices on the market coming out if China these days. I ordered the one in the link below. It seals quite well, though is kind of noisy and takes some coordination to use, but I like it. I haven't developed Karren's personal discipline yet, but to me it seems reasonable that the alternating suction would be beneficial. Anyway, with one of these you can do it either way.

About this particular gadget, it also has an additional electro-shock feature that I found unusable, but had not intention of using it anyway. The directions can be tricky to follow and I pretty much just played around with the controls until I figured out how to work it. The way I use it is to turn on the steady suction until it feels tight enough, then switch to alternating. These gadgets run the range of prices, but this is the lowest price I found one one and it seems fine to me.

I just started NBE, and have the bosom beauty, I do it 2x a day for 30 min and am loving it so far.

I started on a lower level bc I was turning purple, I could not get it to stay sealed on a level 1. 

I just started using a heating pad before for 10 min (like 2 days ago), and it REALLY helps my breasts swell without turning purple, today I had it on a level 6, and my breasts nearly filled the large cups, they were pressed against the sides up to the 75/80 lines and measured 36” right after pumping, it’s been a few hours and they’re currently at 35” (were 34” when I started almost a week ago).

I found the “pump” setting to be better for me for now, press the red dot button 2x to get over to the pump setting vs “stim” or “massage”.  The stim setting my boobs turn purple on quickly or the setting is too low to seal.  I do have a narrow torso though.

I don’t find it painful as long as I get the cups on right, if the cup on my smaller breast slides up too high it pinches in my armpit and I have to pull it off & redo it.

After I put the heating pad back on for a couple minutes and my boobs go back to normal color quickly, then I do 300 rotations with oil.

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