TENS Unit as alternative to massage?

I typically try to massage 1-2 times per day, at least 15 minutes per massage (I try to shoot for 30-60 minutes when I can). On days where I can't get around to it or my hands are too tired (I have a condition that affects my hands), would a TENS unit be an okay substitute? I already have one for my hand condition that helps a bunch, but I was wondering if it is even worth trying for breast enlargement.

Hey! Smile when I consistently use a tens unit (like multiple times during the day and when I go to bed/during the night when I wake up) my boobs swell up quite a bit. I don’t think it’s led to permanent growth, because when I stop they deflate. I’ve done it before when I know I have something coming up in a few weeks that I want bigger boobs for. But after like two months of walking around with a tens unit attached to my boobs every couple hours, and sleeping with chords attached to my body, I’ve kind of stopped. Especially since for me the difference doesn’t last long. Not sure if it’s a replacement for massage but at least for me it does have an effect.

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