Shadoe's NBE Diary & Tracker W/Pictures

Okay so I wanted someplace to keep track of my active methods and any potential progress so I could better narrow down the key to my success.

I started trying/tracking on August 18, 2022.
I measured 32.5" across and 29" underneath
(If affected by my menses, it was CD 14).
I am on a low calorie diet, so my weight loss is probably going to impede any progress I do get, which means Ill be here for a while.

I used to be a 34B/32A at Walmart/LaSenza. I sprung up to a whopping 34D during the 3rd trimester of both of my kids. And now, 1.5 years after my 2nd baby, I am a sore sight, with saggy deflated balloons that gap the tops of my 34B bras. If I were to wear a sports bra, I'd be flat enough to pass off as a FTM trans (no disrespect intended).

My initial goal is to once again fill my 34B. After that, we raise the bar to see if I can get those juicy Ds back. Ive been there once, Im optimistic I can get there again.

So... Lets see what happens.

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So, as my first log, Im going to backtrack a bit and say that when I took the initial photos, I was just under 3 weeks into my first attempt at a herbal approach.

Herbal Approach:
I am taking 3200mg MACA (yellow) & 2000mg Fenugreek as capsules once daily at lunchtime. No missed days so far.

I want to add PM a/o BO but funds are tight so its on my wishlist/to-do for now.

As of August 29, 2022 I recieved my Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena) powder. I mixed it at a 1:5 ratio with castor oil.
I always wanted to try Genetix, but its so expensive, so I dug into their ingredient list and found that their main cause for success was the Zhi Mu. So I just bought the powder myself. I dont want my entire body to increase in size (it would destroy 2 years of weightloss and $2k in laser therapy), so I decided to use it topically instead of orally. That way I can better isolate the area affected. If it works, my booty is next.
The castor oil is just an oil I had on hand (I wasnt about to use my canola oil from the kitchen and risk smelling like a McDonalds kitchen!). I looked into it, and not only is it an anti-inflamatory and antibacterial, but it also increased absorption when applied topically.

So, I started by using my derma roller to create micro-wounds that would better soak up all the goodness. Then I spent some time massaging in my DIY concoction with the help of that rediscovered Chiyomilk video. .

Ill bet I will forget to do this at least once a week, but thats okay because the rollers cant be used daily, as the skin needs down-time to heal in between.

Hi Shadoe.
First, a great round of applause for focusing and sticking with the plan. You sound like you've done your done your homework.
Before you jump into PM or BO, you might want to get a hormone panel done, so that your not wasting time and money.
Also pure Aloe Vera gel is excellent for aiding absorption, of your topical mix.

Here is a thread that may help too


(06-09-2022, 11:08 PM)Happyme Wrote:  Hi Shadoe.
First, a great round of applause for focusing and sticking with the plan. You sound like you've done your done your homework.
Before you jump into PM or BO, you might want to get a hormone panel done, so that your not wasting time and money.
Also pure Aloe Vera gel is excellent for aiding absorption, of your topical mix.

Here is a thread that may help too


I appreciate the info! I was actually planning to ask for a blood draw this coming Wednesday, as Ill be going to see my doctor that day anyways. That being said, I can get PM through my family business' suppliers for less than $20, so Im not too worried about wasting money either way... You should see the hoards of tried-and-failed pills/creams Ive gotten over the past few years before I actually took the time to do any research!!

As for the aloe, Ill definitely be using that in the future. Castor oil is extremely sticky which means its like trying to massage with honey... it works but definitely not a top choice. I only mixed a 4oz jar so Ill be switching when I finish this.

Update: Sept 13, 2022
I wanted to keep my measurements uniform and stick to only updating on CD 14 each cycle, but I just CANT! My cycle can be 29-34 days and that could be less than 12 posts per year!
So instead I'll only post MEASUREMENT updates on CD 14 (my signature may reveal more but thats besides the point  Tongue ). I guess pictures will be the only thing that is truly CD specific.

So, my commitment to the massage was worse than I anticipated. Being a night owl, Im up in the ungodly hours, and when I finally crash for the night, Im OUT. Regardless, I use the derma roller to really let it sink in... and I think its picking up the slack for me.

So far, I only missed 1 day of my supplements when I ended up staying at my boyfriend's overnight a week ago. And the derma/oil has only been used about 4 times.

Now, the numbers lie. I know they do. How in the daylights could I possibly have lost 5.8lbs, putting myself from a BMI19(normal) to a BMI18.1(underweight), lost 2" at the waist, and still have kept my measurements (even gaining 0.5" under)? Lets also keep in mind that this is BEFORE ovulation, so theyre not even at their fullest yet!

Before you get on me, yes, I am aware of the health risks in being underweight. Thats a whole seperate topic. Im on it. And honestly, maybe the loss in other areas is just MAKING them look bigger than before, but... Ill take it? 

Also, side note, my appointment with my doctor is THURSDAY, not Wednesday. That, and, after creeping the forums here some more, I realized I wouldnt be able to do a hormone panel right away anyways. Apparently the tests are best done a week after ovulation... which puts me at October 1st. Oh well, the least I can do is ask about booking it in.

See you all in a week with update photos!! 

Sept 16, 2022

Ugh, what a disappointment. Unfortunately I ended up seeing some apprentice guy who was working under my doctor, and this guy was useless. He gave me a req for an ultrasound to rule out "unlikely causes" for my hormones instead of just doing a blood test. Like, bro, if you're sending me in for testing anyways, why not just jump to the blood test. He knows as well as I do that the ultrasound is a waste of time and resources. 

I've been doing a lot of digging for at-home testing, and I found this device called Mira. Its like a little diabetes sugar tester, except it monitors hormones (and ironically, all the ones I'm looking for). It's marketed for fertility but it would definitely do the trick. Also, its not much more expensive than an at-home kit to send to a lab anyways. Its actually better, because for the same price you can monitor as often as you like and you don't have to wait on a lab or mailing times. Instant results. 

I was just hoping to get a req for the blood test from my doc so I could get my levels for free through provincial healthcare. Oh well. I'l wait until after the ultrasound to see if I can speak to my ACTUAL doctor- I know he would be willing to get me a blood draw req. So now it's a waiting game.

Pics and measurements to come Tuesday (CD14).

If you have excess body fat, why not have a consultation with a fat-transfer specialist like Dr. Bednar? You'll get accelerated results, body-contouring from liposuction, and you won't spend months or more being disappointed, wasting money, and potentially harming yourself with various treatments. Based on the widespread poor results I've seen on this forum over the years, especially in post-parous women with significant involution, surgery is the only reasonable solution. Join Dr. Bednar's Facebook group and look at the before and after pictures, then compare those results with the results in the personal programs section of this site, and see which one is more appealing to you. 

Imagine how long it would take, and how unlikely it is, for a topical or oral preparation to build several hundred milliliters of pure fat strictly in the breasts, as can be done with a fat-transfer procedure. And the hormonal changes necessary to restore the involuted glandular tissue would cause systemic issues that would make that treatment unsustainable. Moreover, not only does the procedure give you full breasts, but you get permanent removal of fat cells from obnoxious areas of the body.

Sept 20/22 Update w/Pics

Okay this is depressing as all hell. Somehow, I managed to grow an inch UNDER my bust, which only makes them appear smaller yet!

Its been a month now I was really hoping to see AT LEAST some type of swelling or change. But nothing.

Considering my lack of support from my healthcare providers, I decided to do some self-diagnosing for my hormones. Yes, I know its all guesswork. And when Im financially able to next spring, Ill definitely be getting the Mira to get real numbers. But based on my symptoms, I conclude that I have low estrogen & high testosterone.
I refreshed myself on what herbs do what, and came to the conclusion that I need Licorice Root & White Peony.

My informations (From
-White Peony essentially reduces testosterone by converting into estrogen instead (dont ask me for the fancy words, Im a layman here).
-White Peony works best with Licorice Root
-Licorice Root increases estrogen and reduces testosterone.

If you want the scientific words for this, go visit the website ?

Anyhow... might as well finish up the fenugreek and maca I have. Cant afford even a $10 bottle of supplements right now, so the modified program waits. That, and, there is a tiny chance I just need more time with these.

Staying hopeful until next CD14...
Shadoe out!

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Fenugreek will add fat all over your body, it has no innate ability to just grow breasts. I always recommend that fenugreek should be applied topically, mixed with oil and massaged into your breasts. Have you considered pumping? Bosom Beauty Rechargeable Bosom Beauty 2012 Fully Automatic Boost Brava Breast style system with Cushioned Cups - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. (
or Noogleberry

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