Adverse Reaction to B.O.?

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar reaction to bovine ovary as I can’t find any evidence in the thread. 

I’m on my third day of BO. When I take the capsules on an empty stomach in the morning about half an hour later I experience an adverse reaction- like hot fire spreading through my body and redness on the inside of my elbows, backside of knees, bum and face. I got so hot yesterday I had to stand in front of a fan. It lasts for about 15-20 minutes then dissipates and goes away completely. 

Now I know it sounds like your standard allergic reaction and I would stop taking them immediately if that were the case. But it doesn’t last long, I don’t need to take Benadryl or anything else to address it- AND it doesn’t happen when I take the capsules at night and I’m assuming it’s because  my stomach is still digesting food at that point. 

Since I’ve read that it’s most effective taken on an empty stomach I’m wondering if this is a strong hormonal reaction- basically a hot flash in essence? It seriously felt like fire was spreading through my body. I am 41.

I’m currently taking 1 250 mg capsule of Swanson’s and 1 Swanson’s pituitary morning and night. Again, no reaction with night dose, only in the morning when taken on a stomach that’s completely empty. 

Before beginning I stopped all phytoestrogenic herbs for a month and took milk thistle for a week. 

Anyone else here experience anything similar? 

If it was an allergic reaction it surely would not matter whether you took the bovine ovary on an empty stomach or not. I also think an allergic reaction would not last only 15-20 minutes.

(24-08-2022, 02:50 PM)Gingerkitty19 Wrote:  Update: I believe what I was experiencing is a niacin flush. In looking at the supplements- the pituitary glandular contains 30 mg of niacin. A niacin flush can occur when a large dose (30-50 mg) of niacin is taken. All of the symptoms described are what I was experiencing and occasionally still do, to a lesser degree. 

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