Breast Enlargement Exercise — The Truth

The truth is breast enlargement exercises do not increase breast size. Breast enlargement exercises may give you a bigger measurement but cup size and breast size will not be increased. The larger measurement will be the result of increased muscle mass, not breast enlargement.

When you work a breast exercise regime the muscles behind the breasts, and the pectorals will indeed get larger. This in turn will give the illusion that your breast size has increased. As your pectorals get stronger they move outward due to the increase in muscle mass.

This pushes the breasts out and will give them a “perkier” look. Perhaps even firm them up a little. Breast enlargement exercise is a good idea due to the fact that it increases blood flow to the chest area. This blood flow will bring nutrients that are vital to breast enhancement to the proper area.

A combination of exercise, massage, breast-building herbs, creams, and perhaps even estrogen will give the best results. Read more... 

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