I give up (Farewell)

A few months ago, despite consistent massaging, a herbal remedy, and pumping, my breast went from an already small 30 inches down to 29 1/2 inches. I have no idea why this happened, even though I have been doing everything correctly and eat well and exercise. I kept up with my program in hopes that somehow I would gain back the fat I lost in my breasts and would get bigger like I always wanted.

Well, today, I was looking in the mirror when it was time for me to shower, and noticed that my chest looked totally flat. Yup, that's right, I lost the remaining little amount of fat that I had in my breasts. No matter how much I altered my program pumped, ate right, or exercised, I completely lost what little boobs I had to start out with. My breasts are now 28 1/2 inches. If you can even call them breasts anymore.

Nothing works. The only thing that actually works is surgery. Something I will never have money for because I survive off of social security and what little money I get from them is used for food and to pay bills. Saving is just not possible.

I even tried consistently manifesting that some people speak so highly of. I can safely say without a doubt that manifestation is just a fairy tale that some people use to trick themselves into believing they have the ability to make anything they want happen. I tried that exactly the way people had said to use it and it did absolutely nothing. You can't change the size of your breasts with your mind. Anyone who says you can is a fucking liar. It's funny how none of them can provide any sort of proof that they changed themselves with the power of manifestation. And when you ask them for proof that they got bigger breasts or whatever, they come up with some excuse not to show you. Because they know it doesn't actually work. Hypnosis is also crap, it doesn't do shit either. Subliminals, binaurals, it's all a giant hoax. Nothing but a false hope. People who were able to get their dream jobs or get back together with a past lover didn't manifest those things. They got the job they wanted because they worked to get it and those who got back together with an ex got to do so because their ex wanted to get back together with them too. They didn't just magically make these things appear from thin air. It doesn't work that way. If it did then depression and suicide wouldn't exist. Reality sucks and only some people are meant to be happy. Not everyone gets to have the luxury of living a meaningful life.

I'm sick of my ugly body that won't become beautiful no matter what I do and this shitty and pointless absolute dumpster fire of a life. Bad things just keep happening and I've had it. So I decided to buy something that will give me freedom from this wretched existence of mine.

I'm sure whoever reads this will probably just scoff and not give a fuck, thinking I just want attention. I'm just here to tell other people who aren't getting any sort of growth no matter what they do reality: That your breasts just aren't going to grow. If you want bigger breasts, implants are the only guarantee. Genetics don't care if the the women in your family naturally have huge breasts. Life hates you. Sometimes some people are born without any purpose. Dreams simply don't come true for everyone. It's all meaningless.

Can't say I don't hate those of who were able to get natural growth for your efforts. But it's fine, you can hate me too. Condemn me to hell, wish for me to suffer a slow and agonizing death, hope that I disappear and leave no traces that I ever existed behind. The universe already hates me anyways, so I don't care if every single human in the world does too. I'm done with everything. My life is devoid of all meaning. I don't have even one thing that makes me happy anymore.

For those of you who told me before of things I could try, thanks I guess. Wish I could tell you that at least one of the suggestions worked. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am as all of those who hate small breasted women say: A dickless man. A body with zero curves, a face still riddled with acne despite being old, no job, no kids, no house, no partner, no car, no stocks, no bonds, no future, no meaning. What do I have? Nothing. I am nothing. Just a piece of trash that tried desperately to take on an appealing human shape.

It doesn't matter if anybody sees this or not. If the admins want to delete it then fine. I can't bring myself to care about anything anymore. I have lost the battle called life. If somehow I could go back in time and make it so I was never born, I would do it in a heartbeat. It's all over.

If it makes you feel good to laugh at me, then go ahead. I can't do anything about it. There's nothing I want to do anymore. So goodbye and good luck to other women who know what it's like to be despised for not having a sexy body and are trying to change that. If you're lucky, then you won't end up like me.


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