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Hi everyone, I have so missed having time to be active on the forum <3 

I’m a first time mom to a 5 month old who is currently exclusively breastfeeding so all form of NBE has been on hold since I got pregnant. It’s been a blessed journey but I’m looking forward to getting back on NBE since breastfeeding usually takes a toll on the breasts appearance... not gonna lie I’m a little bit scared of how they will look when I’m not nursing anymore. 

Some thoughts I’m having;

Do I have some advantage hormonal wise while I’m still lactating? Could I for example introduce a strong phytoestrogen or BO dose while prolactin is still high? Yes? No? (For when baby is not nursing anymore of course, not taking any risks with transferring hormones to my child)

I’m thinking about trying the Grow Yours program. Anyone here who tried it who can tell me how much they gained and how much time it takes a day? 

I’m scared of my post-nursing boobs you guys... it’s been emotional seeing them swell up so much, buying huge nursing bras and knowing it is all temporary. Obviously I have bigger things to worry about now with a baby but no, my obsession with boobs have not gone away, I still want to feel beautiful and sexy at times. I had some acceptance for my small tits since they were pretty and had a nice shape. But having small tits that are ALSO saggy? With longer nipples that ALSO SAG? Yeah no, I’m too vain for that, thank you very much. Soooo thankful I’ve been able to breastfeed my child, but when that’s behind me I’m going all in NBE. 

I’m still on a high dose prednisone hoping for that sweet macromastia to strike me ✌️ I found this page where some people where discussing the phenomena of breast enlargement on prednisone, I’ll share it here:


One of the comments I found interesting;

“I read an interesting article on macromastia induced by corticosteroids (http://eprints.bice.rm.cnr.it/7514/). There’s an enzyme involved, 11β-HSD, that is inactivated by estrogen. If there is a disruption in estrogen, then 11β-HSD is upregulated and converts the corticosteroid into its active form.

Of the women who experienced prednisone-induced breast growth, did any of you suffer hormonal abnormalities affecting your estrogen levels (i.e. PCOS, hysterectomy, etc.)? Also, what was your body type prior to ever taking prednisone (apple, banana, pear)?

If there is a link between estrogen disruption and breast growth, I wonder if a solution could be as simple as being prescribed additional estrogen while taking the prednisone?”

Thoughts? Does this translate to lowering estrogen while on prednisone would actually increase chances of breast enlargement?  

Anyway, this was a ramble, I’ve missed all you  inspirational creative NBE lovers and I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

Take care and grow large <3

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on the new little one.!!!
There was a discussion about this several years ago now, and EllaC had some good tips on massage. you might be able to find it through search.
I'll see if I can spring some time and help look.
Ella has disappeared but maybe a PM will bring her back, or Hannah knows how to find her.
Congrats again and blessing to all.

Thank you so much! She’s great and I would get saggy for her a million times ?

Thanks for the tip, I’m going to search through Ellas old threads!



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