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pueraria mirifica mtf first time use

Hi everyone.  Please forgive me as I ha e not read all the posts and some of the answers I am looking for might be in them.

Due to environmental circumstances I cant do implants and have to go smaller to larger for breast growth cant go 0 to 100 overnight would be not good unfortunately.  I want to try pm but read with natl inst of health, over 200mg per day could have carcinogenic negative effects.  I would rather to estroidal injection but cant because of again small town issues.  And I dont know where to get injections safely without rx.   So just getting advice on pm use and any supplemental herbs to assist the pm and a good progesterone to use as well.  I do pump for over a year now which has always helped and over time growth has stayed.  Ty for ur I understanding and time to answer.

Kisses, kimmy



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