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Hard masses, give breasts distinct shapes

So throughout my teen years I've had my large breasts reduced because of hard masses or tumors. I'm not willing to post photos, but I had a really odd geometry to my boobs when they started getting larger than about Victoria secrets size. I remember they were almost triangular, like, what you might imagine "Lara Croft" boobs to be. They hurt 100% nonstop and bulged out at really uncomfortable angles. I don't think I had a bra that fit he around them during this time. Besides my breast tissue being very glandular or whatever, would a surgeon have known to recognize my breasts as very gland-y? Or am I building a brand new case for reducing them based on macromastia?

In other words, how can I get my records pulled and am I supposed to just ask for them like that or what? Should my mom have them? Born 1988 btw.

Bless y'all btw. I'd love to have known this even 4 yes ago.


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