Do I tell me surgeon or something else about NBE?

I've used a few techniques and Fenugreek in order to induce swelling in my smaller side. Rn I'm hanging at :: 34D vs 34H US sizing) issue now is despite all my progress, my family friend, a surgeon, continues to mention how I need a surgery to "even out" it's a small town and well... Surgeon refuses to operate until the end of my growth / swelling.
I understand why the need to wait but how can I tell doctor that I am trying to increase size naturally? Huh" alt="Huh" title="Huh">

It's been kinda a "UH-HUH" situation thus far. Not a lotta belief in what I believe In.

Can I just be less than genuine during my work up if it's gonna get me what I need?

Its a tough one that your in. mainly because of it being a friend.
Many years ago when I first started to look into increasing my breasts size, I had a favorite site that i liked. This site would link you to different forums or urls that offered Breast increase-ment hopes.
It was clear pretty quickly that a lot of the contributors were plastic surgeons that would start their pitch with 'YOU CANT GROW BREASTS ON YOUR OWN!!"
And being a contrarian I didnt believe it and eventually became a long term member of this NBE community. and proved them wrong too!
Its hard if not impossible to convince a Plastic surgeon that it IS possible to increase your breasts w/o surgery.
Surgery is quick and easy, but you have the surgical risks and the Knowledge that in ~ 10 years you have to do it all over again to replace the implants.

We all know that you can do amazing things with this body with love and care and attention.
Just be firm and tell him that surgery is not of interest at this time.
Have you looked at Noogleberry to help even out your breasts?
Unless you really have a BIG difference in breast shape and size. I'd stick with NBE!


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