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Law of Assumption and The Neville Goddard method: an easy guide
Hi everyone! Lately I have been reading a lot more detail about the Law of Assumption and the teachings of Neville Goddard; how to manifest your desires. This is similar, but different to the Law of Attraction / The Secret if you've heard of that. This has really helped my  I'm still new and learning but so far it has completely, 100% changed my outlook on circumstances and how we can transform ourselves and our lives.

I highly urge you to look into this further if it resonates. Visit the links to learn more about what I have quoted below:

choose a scene.
any scene that would come after the realization of your desire. ensure that you can add sensory vividness to your chosen scene.

create a drowsy, sleepy state.
many wonder what this means - it is simply a state where you feel completely relaxed and can either be in a laying down or in a comfortable chair.

begin repeating your scene in this sleepy state.
keep repeating this scene until it seems real to you. this does not necessary mean that you can see it as you see things in the waking world, but instead so real that you have forgotten that you are imagining. many people say they can't reach this state - they are simply not repeating the scene long enough. go back to the start of the scene if you become distracted and keep repeating it.

feel as if you have already accomplished it.
many still argue went Neville meant by "feel." Neville frequently talks about "feeling" both as emotion and the feeling of accomplishment. the best way to reach this feeling is an inner "knowing" of that is done - one of accomplishment. happy emotions should follow if you have done it correctly

either fall asleep while repeating the scene or wake up from this drowsy state once you know it is done.

live during the day from the end of your desire.

repeat the technique until you have an inner conviction that your desire is already yours!

This is the Reddit forum that I have been using regarding Neville Goddard and learning about the Law of Assumption:

This subreddit is devoted to the teachings of Neville Goddard. Neville Lancelot Goddard was a spiritual teacher and author from Barbados, widely regarded as one of the most influential New Thought and Law of Attraction teachers. He originally came to the United States to study drama, and became a dancer; but his study of metaphysics led him down a different path.
Neville was different from other metaphysical teachers, in that he taught the Bible, but NOT as a book of history. He taught the Bible as an allegorical picture of the imaginal act.
He believed that human imagination is the only God and a person can achieve anything by imagining the wish fulfilled.
Neville's Brief Biography

New to Neville?
Before posting, we ask that you familiarize yourself with Neville's teachings. Please check out the resources below.
All of Neville's works are in the public domain.
The Neville Goddard Method
Revision: The Complete Guide
List of Helpful Posts
Beginning Book Recommendations:  
Beginning Lecture Recommendations:

Good luck and happy growing!!
Hello beauties, here's a video I came across to help those who are struggling with negative limiting beliefs in their day-to-day. Love her channel.

Hello beauties!

Here are some posts I've come across regarding specific success stories about manifesting an increased breast size, as well as physical appearance changes in general.
For those of you reading this who are skeptical, I strongly strongly urge you to just TRY this technique. Try it every night for 10 minutes right before you sleep. It costs literally nothing and actually changed my life when nothing else helped so drastically. When people literally don't even TRY this when it could WORK for them, it brings a tear to my eye.

Dealing with disbelief that your mind can physically change your body

My boobs got bigger

Manifested my boob size

My success story - dream body

Height Success Story + Advice

Have any of you, the members of this subreddit, got any drastic physical change results? And by you, I don't mean someone you know and by you, I dont mean a report on the 70s 80s either. I mean YOU.

Physical appearance. For those who are trying to change it. (Stop seeking.)

Here's how SATS has been so highly successful for me.

Hope this helps, remember that nothing is unattainable! Anything that convinced you that you can't fulfill your dreams, lied to you!


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