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Cultivating a Feminine Aesthetic/Style
Hey everyone and happy growing!!  Big Grin

I know this is different from the usual thread here. If this is not okay, then mods feel free to remove it.

I just thought I'd talk about something different but effective: cultivating a feminine style for yourself. I found these two videos great for some tips and ideas, and especially the first one, since a lot of people get the impression that dresses and skirts are only for formal events, when they are NOT. If you like them, wear them everywhere, and be known as that woman who dresses uniquely, beautifully, and feminine!

This is and can be related to NBE goals. Your personal beliefs and feelings about yourself DO have an effect on your body and surroundings. So why not use that to our advantage? Start feeling more feminine, start looking more feminine. It's weird, but it has REALLY worked for me.

And here is the second video from her channel, this is more general advice, although the "casual" one above interested me most, since it is more everyday:

I find that following a more vintage style can make it way easier to dress traditionally feminine. I've been watching a lot of vintage-style on YouTube lately, and here's one transformation video I watched that I thought you might like.

It's pretty long but you can also skip through it for an idea. Notice the massive change! If you really want to change your style massively, go for it.
I did it a little at a time, I started with wearing nightgowns for pajamas instead of the pj pants I used to get from the men's section. It made me more comfortable about the idea.

I truly believe that if you change your feelings about yourself, your body will also change over time. It really worked for me, so I don't see why it couldn't work for you. Anything I find for myself, I post here for you all. Happy growing~



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