Interested in Noogleberry, but it's another sizing question thread


Hi, I'm more active on the breastnexum side of the site as I am biologically male, but the treasure trove of people experienced with Noogleberry on this side of the site has lead me to here to ask a couple of questions about Noogleberry sizing, and other use stuff.

I have messaged Lucy at their email address to get a direct estimate for sizing of my chest, and to start, I'm 38D at the moment, although I'm a bit pointy and projected out, so my bust tape measurement is 38F. So, to back up, I'm 44 inches/112cm on bust, 38 inches/97cm on band, but I have the volume of and fit into a D Cup bra. Lucy recommended me an XL, and what I'm primarily wondering is, would I still get the suction on the XXL's? Because if possible, I'd prefer to get those to spend less, and have a lot more to grow into, but would they slip at the edges or fit fine? I did cut out a piece of paper to measure my chest against, and it feels like there's just enough material for the larger cups to fit on, although there may just barely not be enough material nearer my shoulder, and they would fit on my ribs just fine, there seems to be enough width on my frame. The XL looks like it would entirely fit, but I worry about it becoming too small too quickly. I guess I'm caught in the middle of these two sizes.

As a second quick question, do the standard and the contour cups have the airlock directly on top of the cup? Or do only the airlock contour cups have it on top?

One last short one, would people generally on average recommend the contour cups, and, in my case, would the XXL contour cups fit my current chest size a bit better than the standard ones? Giving more room at the top and bottom and not having to deal with the problem I described of maybe having not enough chest near my shoulder?

Just, trying to get as many opinions into my mind as possible before making a decision, I've been a vacuum for NBE knowledge and I just want to learn as much as I can on my own journey, thanks again for any advice.


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