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Adding subliminals to my program - any suggestions?


I've used medicine sapien's breast frequency during quarantine ( the old version ) and they grew so much, they were so huge.
I'm not starting with a very small breast size, but i firmly believe this kind of things work. 
Morphic fields but are different from subliminals, I think the first ones work way better on me.
Now I'm using Quadible Integrity, without headphones. just try it  Blush


So Ive been listening to sapien medicine on youtube both their progesterone booster, estrogen booster and breast enhancer videos, I listen to the progesterone booster when I take my bio identical progesterone capsules and my god I get the sorest twinges and aches in my areolas and breasts..... Its very odd to me because I am very skeptical of subliminals I mean some are just straight out ridiculous and impossible(like changing eye colour lol) but this does something.... Interesting


Hey everyone, lately I have been trying this subliminal. It is very relaxing, easy to meditate to, and not distracting. Some people in the comments have put it on overnight. I haven't used a subliminal overnight before, has anyone done so? I might do it.


(06-11-2021, 23:47)IrisHeart Wrote:  

Not so long story (yet!) short, I looked into subliminals yesterday and decided to try a trusted playlist on YouTube with an open mind and heart. I've listened to it twice so far, last night and today afternoon and I am most pleasantly surprised to see positive response already! My breasts feel kind of heavier and more defined to the touch. That happens to me with daily massaging too but much more slowly.

I'll be adding subliminals to my program as well since my breasts are responding very positively to them. I've never dabbled in subliminals before though and am a total newbie to the concept as a whole.

Could you give me any tips and suggestions? I'd love to know what your favorite subliminals are too Blush" alt="Blush" title="Blush">

I've been using subliminals for a while. Different channels work better for different people, I tend to notice. That being said, I do recommend giving DeepSea.mp3 a try. They've been making subliminals for about as long as I've been using them and I've gotten some decent results from them.

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