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Hi everyone! I'm starting my NBE journey C:


(30-11-2021, 18:36)AngelicBeauty Wrote:  Hey Iris, if it helps one person out, I'm happy! I totally understand the feeling of drowning in your own tears because you don't know what to do about the problem, you might feel worthless, and are doubting yourself and everything so much. The pain can become unmanageable. It's a fear of failing and feeling like because of the issue, life isn't worth living. It sucks, I've been there a LOT. We don't have to stay there. If there is something we really want, why is that so bad? (People want designer purses all the time, they get them, maybe 15 of them it makes them happy, doesn't matter!) If we are going along the path towards our goal, it's inevitable that we will reach the goal. It's simple but hard sometimes. Make it easier. The truth is that you are the master of your reality and you can change things you don't want.

I really recommend right before falling asleep and right while waking up, to visualize "scenarios" of the living-in-the-now of having the goal. I have heard that it's easiest to penetrate the subconscious at these times. Here's some ideas I like to do:
  • A year ago I had a goal of gaining weight because I was underweight and was done with it. Had trouble doing so, until I started visualizing looking at the scale and seeing my new desired heavier weight. Miraculously, I gained the exact amount of weight to meet this goal, and then stopped there. Funny right?
  • Visualize your "goal" body, what I like to call your "truest" body and looking at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself how amazing, stunning, perfect you look. Some guys have even successfully changed their height, it sounds crazy at first, but it has worked. I feel like the industries don't want us to know because then, we won't buy into them to get what we want, because we'll have it already and they'll go out of business.
  • Visualize friends, loved ones, even strangers smiling at you and giving you compliments. Feel glad and thank them for the compliments in your mind. If there is discomfort in receiving all these compliments, there is a deeper issue to look into (been there).
  • What do you like to do with your big-breasted body?... haha. I'm going swimming and I look amazing. I have different bathing suits and they all look so good on me, I get so many compliments.
  • Significant other just completely MELTING when seeing you. Saying how sexy and beautiful you are, just attracted to you like a magnet, has eyes only for you. Looks at you and treats you with unconditional love. Wants to spend time with you, do favours for you, gets you any gift you want.
  • So many people have crushes on you, you can date/be with with anyone you want (if that's your thing)
  • Going shopping and finding so many nice clothes that flatter you perfectly. Visualizing trying on clothes and looking amazing. Visualizing your life with your ideal wardrobe. What's your ideal style?
  • Going on vacation and loved ones, friends loving to take photos of you. They show you the photos, you're absolutely stunning! People love taking photos of you.
  • Posting photos online, everyone likes them and thinks they came out great!
  • Having a relaxing bubble bath and looking at your breasts. Beautiful.
  • Shopping and picking out new bras. Maybe your size is uncommon and you need to go to specialty boutiques, but the selection is great and the styles are pretty and flattering!
  • Visualizing your bra drawer. Looking at the tags and seeing the size tag. Putting on a bra, scooping and swooping, loving how you look in the mirror.
  • Breasts already being quite large, yet still growing, day after day, week after week.
  • You are loved, and people give you compliments, however, there is no jealously. You don't need to be ashamed of being beautiful, don't dim your own light. Feel beautiful because you ARE.
Hope it helps! By writing this list, I have more ideas now too. Some people like to use these little ideas as prompts to "script" which is writing out a scenario in first-person, present tense as it's playing out. Another helpful option to try that you might like even more than just affirmations.

Here is a video on scripting:

Feminine identity/healing:

"Self-identity" is another term to research, it involves changing your state and the beliefs you hold about yourself that are holding you back from anything in life.

Hi, I am so glad I found this old post. 

I find this method super interesting. I want to gain weight too lol, lost weight during the pandemic. I need to start doing these visualizations. Do you speak out loud while visualizing for example " I look so good with my small waist, 38 hips, perky breasts, etc". I will start seeing the scale with the number I want too.

Do you have any subliminal videos to help with growth as well? 

Also, what was your method/full routine to NBE?? currently a 34A and would like to be a full B

I also have hirsutism/pcos and take prescription meds for it, in addition to an herb stack. The class thing sounds very odd to me and off base. 

My partner believes I’m very small because I’m around 130 lbs, as most of his girlfriends have been around 200-250 lbs. this goes against the grain of what people think about weight and attraction.

Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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