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Creating your OWN subliminal audios

Hello and happy growing! Smile

Has anyone tried making their own subliminal audio tracks?
An example of a breast growth subliminal I use regularly is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdAR3ofMrVk

I am thinking that creating my own, using my own voice may work better, since using my own voice would be closer to my own "inner voice" that I am used to in my own mind.
Maybe I am more likely to listen/be responsive to my own voice used rather than a stranger's. If you have ideas for subliminal affirmations to use, please share below. Of course, if you are making your own, it makes sense to use affirmations that you come up with yourself. Having some ideas rather than starting from a blank page can't hurt.

I am pasting a quick guide by user Abernore that I found on the subliminal Reddit forum (page is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Subliminal/comm...ubliminal/)

  1. Make
    your affirmations and get them recorded either by speaking them into a
    mic or using a text-to-voice tool. (I use Balabolka, it's free)

  2. Pull your voice sample into a multitrack editor like Audacity or Adobe Audition

  3. Loop it so you've got a good 30 minutes - in some cases you might go longer or shorter but 30 is the average for most situations

  4. Decrease the volume so it's a gentle sound but you can still hear what's being said clearly

  5. Put
    other sounds in to distract the conscious mind - usually music,
    although you can always use the sound of waves or wind or whatever.
    Sounds can be found at freesound.org and Adobe Audition can generate brown noise for a soothing "distant waterfall" kind of effect. Be creative and have fun!

That's it! Maybe a few extra tips:

  • Feel free to layer multiple voices, but this can be overdone. After extensive testing I've found just 2 voices is optimal.

  • If
    you can't understand them without the distracting sounds, the voices
    need adjusting. Too fast, too slow, too quiet - all of these things make
    your subliminal useless. Your subconscious uses the same ears your
    conscious mind does. Respect physical the reality of your biology.

  • Edit
    the audio at the same volume you'll be listening to other things so
    that you don't have to mess with the volume controls when it's time to
    do subliminals.

  • If
    intended to listen during sleep, remove some of the distracting noises
    and bring the volume of the voices up a bit. Hell, if it's during sleep,
    you could even play the voices at full volume and it'll be the same

  • Keep
    your affirmations positive, but you don't have to pretend that negative
    emotions don't exist. "Love yourself" is good, "I answer self-criticism
    with self-love" is also good, but "Stop hating" is bad! Writing good affirmations could easily be a whole book so we'll just leave it at that for now.



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