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Help! New to nbe, tried a few things, nothing seems to work

(07-10-2021, 10:40 PM)AngelicBeauty Wrote:

(03-10-2021, 09:21 PM)upupupidy Wrote:

Thank you so much, I'll try my best! I'm also considering ordering pueraria mirifica, found a site which ships to my state. Does it really work?

It has worked wonders for some people, and I think this journey is about finding what works for you personally, so it's worth checking out. You might want to look around and see how others use
pueraria mirifica with other techniques. It is often the combination of different things that make results. I haven't tried it myself.

As a final note: I really have to emphasize mindset and positive thinking. AVOID thinking/saying/writing things like "my breasts are small" "nothing works for me" "it works for other people but not for me" because breast growth really CAN and it WILL work for you. Try to stop thinking about cup sizes specifically (much of the common knowledge about bra sizing is very wrong anyway), and instead focus on your personal mental image and adjust how you see yourself and your body in your mind's eye. I know this is weird, but hear me out: on this forum, look at the usernames. I chose AngelicBeauty because that's how I'm aiming to view myself. Do not think: "that is not me" Rather, try to think "of course that is me, even if it is me in the future, it's always me and I love that!" Think about the words that you would use to describe yourself and your goal looks. Use those words to describe yourself NOW, and watch your transformation happen.

I'm sure you'll grow lots in this journey! Take it from me, I was feeling very bad about the slow progress at the beginning but don't give up. They are growing every day without you noticing. The very beginning, when all the doubt is still in your mind is hardest part I think. Imagine years from now, thinking back to this current time and how we were so worried, but it worked out for us anyway. I think of my breasts as snowballs, it all adds up over time, and with all these methods adding one cm here, one cm there, we can make a big difference. I make sure I massage and do the things I listed every single day, it's all about making sure the habits stick and directing your mind's power to do your will.

Thank you so much, darling! I'll try and keep positive attitude towards this journey.

Also, I was wondering, since i have no experience with PM, maybe you could advise me wether this

one https://goodsofjapan.com/products/supply...7416939607 would work for me? Is it strong/good enough?



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