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Hourglass Project

I was thinking how could I grow breast while at the same time building muscle as they seem too different goals to be attained at the same time... So I came up with this program:

▪︎PM 500mg 

▪︎Progesterone 25mg

▪︎Calcium/Vit D

Won't switch until I get Estro dominance symptoms. That'll be the signal to switch for Bodybuilding routine:



Switch back to PM and Progesterone when I start feeling/looking manly. Or until I reach 3 months taking the supplements.

Wish me luck!

I'll be taking this everyday despite being Bodybulding phase or NBE.

▪︎MSM 3000 mg


▪︎Vit C


▪︎GABA 3g


Blocking DHT increases Free Testosterone

Free Testosterone is aromatased to Estrogen
Estrogen and HGHs equals Breast Grow.

DHEA is an steroid precursor (Estrogen and testosterone)

When we add an Estrogen inhibitor/Antiaromatase (DIM) Free testo keeps being free Testosterone instead of getting coverted to  Estrogen.

Free Testosterone and HGHs equals Muscle Growth.




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