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What can be taken with BO for success?

When I first started my program in February I was a 32 A. My program consisted of:

Fenugreek 3.6g/day (no saponins)

Iodine supplement for raising temp

BO 1g/day

BO nipple cream daily

Pituitary 80mg/day

I have since changed to:

MSM 2.5g/day

Vitamin C 1g/day

Fenugreek 2g/day (50% saponins)

BO 1g/day

I take the pituitary, nipple cream, and iodine off and on since some complications in May... I have a high protein diet and take a shake with extra protein and collagen daily as well.

 My schedule has been messed up since May. I haven't seen or felt any growth since my schedule being messed up and the other supplements becoming optional. Am I doing too much for a BO routine? Should I just add the other supplements back to continue seeing results?



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