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RANTING!~♡ (Kind of...)

I decided to open this new thread because I want to keep my next threads more "profesional and straightforward" because is kinda annoying sometimes while researching about successful methods to read lots! of things non realted to NBE and quite personal stuff (and I know I've done this on my "massage bitacora thread" Sorry! I  know nobody wants to read the giberish I write lol!) WE ARE HERE FOR THE RESULTS, not for the tea (ok yeah... sometimes tea is fun to read... lol but THAT'S WHY THE "PERSONAL SECTION EXISTS")

When you have been diagnosed with an eye disease that could lead you to a corneal transplant you kinda start to value your time, the way you're wearing out your eyes and the quality of the material you are reading... like "Is it really worth it getting blinder reading this shit?" most of the times turns out the answer is an straight NO Sad" alt="Sad" title="Sad">

So my mind starts to wander like A LOT everytime I try to write something.... and here is where I'll be redirecting my non NBE related comments... like when I write about idk let's say... lavander oil wich stimulates estrogen production on prepubertal guys, and suddenly I remember that lavender smell makes me really drowsy and also that it keeps scorpions away from your house I know right? quite interesting but NBE non related....

I know that barely anyone is going to read this hahaha but hey! venting is also healty and sometimes I really need it... but if you open my "Massage Bitacora" thread looking for results, because of replies I think is pretty unfair to find out more personal talk than results!


" OMG! It's working! Just few days of massage... Even though i didnt see real difference i grew an inch! 77-80 Binaurals works too! Tingly and swelling feeling also heavier!! ❤  Don't give up!

As you can see I'm very thin... And I'm a leftie haha (my left breast is like a cup bigger)

I think I first need to get my period back and balance my hormones... (Thanks 88 pounds & stress for making my period nonexistent)

So until I recover my period I'll just make my cyclic massage on my right breast and make them symetric. (Massage with flaxseed oil)
For a regular cycle I'll take: 1tbs of flaxseed and 1 of pumpkin seed in folicular phase and 1tbs of sesame seed an 1 tbs of sunflower seeds in luteal phase.

Fat brushing massage for 10 min. Twice a day.

Also I'll try to eat at least 2000kcal per day to get my goal weight 55.6 Kilos (120 pounds)
Chest exercises, meditation, a lot of water, going braless, hypnosis (Binaural beats) And I'll sleep 8 hrs (going to bed before 22hrs)"

I found out this on my personal notepad and was amazed about many things... I landed on the realization on how much you can let a person to hurt you... not just on an emotinonal level but it also affects you phisically.... When I started to look for NBE I was in a ver very toxic relationship of wich I decided to finally let go not so long ago (about a year or so...) I'm not gonna deny that since forever I've wanted to have beautiful breasts paired with a diminute waist.... but I... this is hard to let out gosh!... is hard to admit that I accepted being treated in that horrible way because of what I thought back then about my own personal worth... I belived it was fair to be treated like that from him since "I wasn't physically enough for his tastes".... so in order to be with him it was fair for him to treat me bad since I don't have nice tits or ass.... wich is something that made his abuse hurt more... I realize that back then I was being seriusly gaslighted, and because of this I became way more depressed.... but hey the good part of it is that without this experience I would'nt have find this wonderful place or I would't start to value myself more. (Underlined text is what I wrote back then...)

I can't belive I really weighted 88 pounds!!!! It's such an unhealthy number GOD!!! 

The first time I read Surfer's Joe guide to NBE.... I was like "bullsh*t" about the being underweight part.... sice I've always been quite a proana.... but now that I'm on a "healtier" weight I realize how right that was.... because when you're that thin of course your body is gonna opt for your survival rather than your bossom ha. So... yeah... if you're skinny AF... before trying any NBE put on some weight first bih!!! 

I gained 16lb and 3inches!


Recently I've bee trying to learn some Asian languages, I study one for a little until I get bored and start studying another.... is currently japanese study time so before I change my mind and decide to get back learning mandarin chinese I decided to see if I could decode better Chiyomilk's program (link here) since most of the post I've read on the matter are quite... incomplete imo.

Also most of the links provided to duplicate her routine seems to be broken. Here is how I found most and their active ingredients.The key is to write them on their original lenguage... and that's all no more broken links <3 so you can click on the supplements below and it'll give you a list of suppliers so you can look up to the best deals.

Ladies pueraria 99%

Glamour Bust Up supplement*

B-Up Drops**



And since this thread is called ranting here I go:

*Even if you buy this is not gonna work since you're not taking the same formula as Chiyomilk did

**I find no use on creating an hyperlink to this.... since the one that she used was discontinued but hey you're here because you're quite stubborn after reading the science behind her program... because... you did read my thread RIGHT!?

***Whiteex ohh whiteex.... They state their supplement has more than 18 ingredients on it and that it's a super complete thing.... but ahhhh their ingredient list is sooooooo full of sugary things also gives you nothing that a multivitamin can't (except for the pig placenta of course...)

don't waste your money like that... buy some placenta pills and take them with your multivitamin or just buy a PC and Multivitamins... save the rest of Whiteex price for the orphans... You don't trust me? Here, check the ingredient list

[SUGARS]:reduced malt sugar syrup,
dextrin, grapefruit juice, Sweeteners (aspartame, L-phenylalanine compound),

[THINGS YOU CAN FIND ON A MULTIVITAMIN]:grapevine seed extract (contains proanthocyanidin),
silk powder, chondroitin,elastin peptide (from fish), tail fest (contains zinc), konjacus  ceramide extract (ceramide) Ronacid, Vitamin C, carigenan,




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