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Haakaa Breast Pump, First Impressions



I got mine today, the larger sized one. I put it to my left breast and applied the suction. It's pulled me out beyond my wildest dreams, with no fuss, noise or pain.

I added some water to the chamber to add some weight and I am now massively extended, pendulous, but very comfortable. Most of my Smile breast is in the pump flange. The shape of the device clearly pulls you out & down. The result is going to be lovely, but not pert!

For comparison, I am pumping my right nipple with my electric breast pump. I need to wear a bra to support the trumpet, and it is noisy, painful & uncomfortable. My nipple extension is 50% greater with the Haakaa. My pumped nipple is flushing from red to white on each stroke of the pump.

So, I am going to buy one for my other side. The Haakaa pump is effective, produces great extension, is noiseless, comfortable, does not need a support bra and does not tie you to the cables & tubes of the conventional breast pump.

Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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