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Decreasing suction with the Brava domes, how to maintain it overnight?


I finally managed to get a good seal and thus be able to start pumping by using skin glue (the type that's used for artistic purposes). I wore it for 5 hours and my breasts increased 3 cm in that time which is nice!

However, my plan was to sleep with them and I noticed that the pull becomes less over time, I had to regularly pump to get it back to a maximum level (just below where it starts to get really uncomfortable). I am using a hand pump from Noogleberry (I plan to buy one with a bulb that I can store comfortably in the vest). 

So how do you maintain the suction overnight? I sleep on my side, this will not make it easier! They stick out at the sides a little, both the gel rims that are on the side of my body as the domes that are in front of my body, but also extend a bit to the sides. I am wearing the wide medium ones, which strangely are the perfect size although I am skinny (underbust 72cm). 

So how do you maintain suction overnight?


I used to be able to maintain suction throughout the night most of the time, but I was careful to sleep only on my back. I used an extra pillow to slightly elevate me. If you are getting a good seal, the problem is certainly your position... Unfortunately the silicone on my domes is too degraded to use anymore, and now that Brava is out of business I can't replace them  Angry

The air locks on hand pumps are very poor and will leak pressure off.  I use an air valve in the air line between the domes and the pump.   Open it and pump then shut it.  If your air lines are tight and leak free  the pressure will be maintained all night.  You can get the air valves at a pet supple store in the fish department.   They cost like a couple dollars.  Make sure they will fit your air hose tightly.  I place mine between the tee connector and the hand pump and actually remove the hand pump after I shut the valve.   By the way, you can use your mouth to draw suction and really do not need a pump.

Thanks Karren. Sounds helpful. I don't know what you mean by 'air valve'. Can you post a link and/or picture? Is this the same as the air lock from Noogleberry*? I considered putting duct tape over all places where hoses connect to the domes, to other hoses etc. Would that be helpful or it is only the hand pump that leaks pressure? Also, would a bulb shaped pump leak pressure as well or not? Do you think this airlock from Noogleberry would work instead of the air valve you talk about?

PS: the skin glue was very hard to remove. Better to use vaseline. I made the Brava top narrower (2cm on each side, so 8cm in total), this helps with getting a seal. Once I have pumped they stay stuck to my skin now, even when they lose pressure. So I didn't get how they could still lose pressure, it makes sense that air is leaking from somewhere else!
PS2 @fozzie: I lose pressure even when lying still on my back. My chest can still move because of breathing, but that's it. An yeah it sucks that they're out of business and the similar domes (forgot the name) are only for sale if you get lipofilling surgery with a specific surgeon in the US. You might be able to make something yourself though with gel cushion material? It's sold in sheets sometimes.



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