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Low progesterone herbal program

Hello everyone.

I have been a lurk for 2 years now and I think with all your helpful post, I've finally found a plan that could work for me.  Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">

I started my journey 2 years ago and tried breast pumping and PM. My boobs shrunk half a cup size during that process! It was so frustrating that after a few months I stopped.

I tried to tell myself that I'm okay with my boobs, which I do am, but they could use a little bit more fullness. So I went to the doctor and he told me I have a high androgene level. He prescribed me a birth control and due to the birth control I have high estrogen levels, also because androgene will be converted into estrogene from the body.

So what am I missing? Progesterone.

My herbal program looks as follow:

2x saw palmetto

1x forte fish oil capsule

1x vitamin D drops

1x potassium

And to finish it off I use

Emerita progesterone cream on my body.

Since the past month I've lost quite a bit of weight (2kg which is really noticeable for my height)

I'm starting with a

american size: 26B

European size: 60C

Now after one month of my herbal program, my 60C bra fits tight and my boobs fill them out perfectly.

Do you guys have any recommendations what I could add to my program?

Thank you so much!

Hi Licif
Holy smokes you are tiny with a 26 band!

I'm jealous Wink 
So remember that most of your breast is made of fat.
And when you lose weight, the fat you lose doesnt discriminate, it goes everywhere and unfortunately its seems breasts are the first.

When you said you apply progesterone creme to your body. How much is that.
Normally you apply it to soft areas, thigh, wrist, breasts, and not on a regular daily basis, usually every other day.
Red Reishi works better that Saw Palmetto, but it might be too strong, if you need a boost I'd switch to reishi.

You can also try massage; These are my favorite threads



Dont forge to record you measurements and take pictures for reference

Happy growing

Hey Bobbi! Thank you for your reply!  Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">

I didn't know progesterone cream is supposed to be applied on soft areas, but lucky I did that without knowing.

i pause the creaming ans taking saw palmetto whilst I'm on my period, but I will start my cycle right after.

Thank you for the red reishi idea! It seems to be a good supplement, for breast growth and for health over all. I will try to order it online and will incorporate the breast massages.

In the next few weeks I will make an update  Blush!!



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