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personal program(take 1!)

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It took me a while to get started I'm not gonna lie to you. Now, I see so many intense programmes and honestly you guys are going all out and taking it very seriously and I really really admire & love that. I'm a total N00B and on top of that I've got ADHD so while i actually do thrive with a routine - starting & sticking to it is HELLA DIFFICULT. i really appreciate any advice you guys might have and I'm gonna be using this thread mainly as a way to monitor progress and add to my programme.

I'm starting SUPER simple.

Chiyomilk's massage 2x a day focusing on the smaller breast.

breast massage (basic)

I hate the smell of flaxeed oil and it was the thing that put me off NBE for a long time since it's almost universally recommended so I'm going to be using Vitamin E oil instead - if anyone got any better (and nicer smelling) recommendations I'd be super grateful.

I'm also planning to purchase Tata-tastic Breast Enhancer Cream cos I've heard heaps of good about it, so I'll let you guys know how that goes.

I'm attaching a few pics as my 'before' and also to give you an idea of what i'm working with!

All the best!



Almond oil or Coconut oil.

(05-05-2021, 05:48 AM)James98 Wrote: Almond oil or Coconut oil.




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