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I am SO upset! The contoured large is a TERRIBLE design! It offers no suction and it RUINED my breasts! I have been using the original mediums and they've been GREAT!

I know the limits of my breasts, however the contoured large design puts TO MUCH PRESSURE on the rim and NOTHING to balance it out!

The outside rim of my breasts are covered in millions of HORRIFIC red dots,
it looks like demon hives!! You can't see these dots and bruises forming because the rim of Cups hides them.

I am so UPSET! This design needs to be changed! Contoured large is NOT WORTH IT!! I cannot stress this enough! My actual breasts got limited suction yet the pressure exerted on the ribcage was so intense it ruined every part of my breasts and chest that it touched!

This design needs to be discontinued!


I always thought that the contoured better fit the shape of your rib cage but I guess not?  So far all mine are flat across the rim.  Thanks for the warning!!


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