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Have you seen progress from subliminals?

I didn't really look at this part of the forum but subliminals are becoming more popular (thanks to TikTok I think) now and I see people talking about how it worked for them so I decided to look at it. I've seen some proof of it working (not with boobs but things like eye colour changing) so I'm opening my mind to it.

I've listened to a few and did feel some mild sensations like my body was opening up to changing.

Has anyone here experienced any growth or progress from boob growing subliminals? Or even any other non-boob related physical change subliminals?

I just need a little more hope and I think I can do this.

What is Tiktok? Blush 

Anyways I have been trying them on and off over the few months...I noticed growth and then I'll get lazy or busy, thinking well this is going good it is doing its own thing. But it's not I'll deflate some or what and then I'll start listening and I swell up again just within 1 or 2 days my boobs respond again.

So it works...but whether it is permanent I can't tell. The instructions for frequencies(as far as I know) are to listen at least twice a day(morning+evening) and drink a lot of water. So the cells respond better, that was the reason for water if I recall right.

So I am as well a bit insecure about this deep down within me. But I know it actually works. I believe it too...I have seen hypnosis shows and its a bit comparable in the way that they both use your mind/body power.
And in the shows I saw people did everything the hypnosis-man said except the things they really didnt want to do. The man could just drive them.
But here on BN I hear nobody about them..

* edit: the reason I replied was bc I actually have breast pain but it feels like breast muscle pain too...yesterday I did 2 sessions and the day before as well.
Idk if its related...they do feel a bit heavier then couple off days ago...but breasts differ from day to day.
Though all facts out of the window and I am a believer.
No, not personally.
I went through a phase of listening to subliminals regularly for months (out of curiosity) but experienced no change. I joined multiple subliminal communities and no one could provide genuine results. For example, people saying their eye colour changed and providing 'proof' but it's clear the main change is lighting.

Generally I'm a skeptical person but went into this with an open mind. I have read a few studies (by hypnosis-focused journals) on breast growth stemming form hypnosis, this is at least slightly reasonable due to the possibility of humans being able to direct thoughts to control different systems (maybe feasible that concentrating on a feeling of warmness and fullness in the breasts could increase circulation to them) but with subliminals, you aren't actually hearing the message and your body does not understand these messages so I don't think subliminals are worthwhile. For example, focusing on directing blood-flow to the breasts seems more reasonable than listening to abstract subliminal messages like 'my breasts are growing.'

Thanks for the answers everybody. No matter what, I guess it doesn't hurt to give it a try!

I think that you have to believe 100% for it to work which is why I need to dispel my doubts.



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