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Signs of breast growth from massage

     Hey everyone, I have only been doing about two weeks of consistent breast massage (Chi massage 2x daily) and was wondering when I can expect to see any results? I know everyone is different so this is a hard question to answer but after almost two years of failed programs and a variety of supplements/creams/noogleberry i just want to know when i should throw in the towel so I don't waste time on something that isn't working. I do realize 2 weeks is too soon but i'm having a hard time finding anything online so from the people that have successfully got growth from massage when did you start to notice anything? Any info helps, thanks!


In my opinion massage is one of the most reliable methods but it can take time. If it doesn't work maybe you should try using a different massage method instead, I use a mix of different ones.


Hi Nynuk

Like dreamergirl said, These things take time, and lots of it.

One other thing is that you will see more fullness in your breast before you see any extra inches.

Did you look at the massage section of these forums?

These are my favorite massage threads:


It also helps to love your breasts as you massage. let you fingers lightly brush them once in awhile, feel them and enjoy them, If its just a habitual routine it will soon get boring and you'll be done.


Thank you both! Yeah, i knew it took years from some of the things i read, i just wasn't sure what to expect when it starts to happen or if it's something so gradual you don't really notice. I will definitely read through those threads!

You're all awesome and so helpful! Thank you thank you thank you! Smile



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