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Accepting ones self

So recently I have been going THROUGH IT mental health wise along with starting to realise I need to accept any "imperfections" I feel I have and learning to realise whilst those around me including my man see me as "perfect" I do not and thats ok no one is no matter what they do, I have strived for perfection my whole life and whole journey I have at times been called a snob because of this when really lil did they know deep down I was self conscious, self defeating, self bullying and struggling severely with anxiety and depression among other things, it has only recently come to the final crunch where I was at my lowest of lows when I had finally had that one last big crash of depression that I have realised I need to start living a happy, more positive more self enriching life by truly loving myself every bit of me, accepting what I dont want to and moving forward knowing I will never be perfect and thats ok. Im scared.... but I know this is the only way to finally live a truly fulfilling happy life without what ifs and constant "I could be better" moments. Im rambling but I just wanted to get this out...



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