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Real growth sign??Please, anybody know it?

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HI, I'm Biggiwant.

I have little PCOS, and I have irregular cycle.

I wonder if my change has really grown or not.

Since I had taken BO(2020.march), I feel the growing pain in only luteal phase.

As mentioned in other threads, when my menstruation started, the pain in the breasts disappeared and the size decreased again.

But wen I grasped my breasts, the fat on the right side of them definitely increased.

I gained weight all over my body (armpit, belly, back, buttocks, forearm, etc..) because of COVID-19( I couldn't even go to the gym Wink, but when I grasped my right breast, it seemed a little bigger than before.

I heard that if BO doesn't work within 6 months, it is difficult to see any effect afterwards.

I'm sure that the only pain was when eating BO. Even when I eat Herbs, PM, there is NO EFFECT or IRREGULAR PERIOD.

While taking BO, I felt the growth pain during the luteal phase, and I was very happy.

But after my period, my size always returned. And I was frustrated....... Sad

Can I believe this really works for me?

Why am I always coming back? why?


I discovered I had PCOS in December and I stopped all NBE because I was scared it would make it worse. Is BO harmless for those with PCOS?



there are no research results yet. However, I've heard a lot that BO is effective even foe people with hormonal imbalance. And I think the lack of research results is not because there is no effect, but because it is not a business that makes money.

I tried all the methods, but the one that worked was BO. Even I had an irregular cycle, but I came back regularly while taking BO!!!

BO certainly affects hormones, so I've never been tested since taking it.But I'm rather satisfied that the menstrual cycle has been able to return regularly since taking it.(From the beginning, the mentrual cycle tended to be very short and irregular).

When I first took it, there was "spotting", so I was afraid, worried, and embarrassed, but I kept taking it.  After the second month, it seemed to improved.

I hope you only consider my opinion as a reference.

Because as a girl diagnosed with PCOS, I'm not only well aware of the anxiety about the disease, but also thinking  we should be more careful about the NBE effect of having the disease should be more careful.

There are relatively few women who trey NBE even with PCOS, so the sample is small, too.


(22-02-2021, 06:53 AM)jaykay Wrote:

I discovered I had PCOS in December and I stopped all NBE because I was scared it would make it worse. Is BO harmless for those with PCOS?

I completely agree! There's also different types of PCOS so I've just been really cautious about taking any herbs until I figure out exactly what "type" of PCOS I have. Good luck Biggiwant! Sorry I couldn't help out.



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